Chapter Fifteen: Weird People

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It seemed that everywhere Lauren went, people were staring or whispering. Which wasn't very uncommon. Lauren never had the voice to speak out against people, and they often whispered about how she never talked, or how she didn't have any friends. Whatever it was. But, it seemed worse as Lauren walked around the school, her eyebrows furrowed and head held high. While Lauren looked confident on the outside, on the inside she was crumbling. What the hell was everyone talking about? 

Lauren sighed, going towards the library. At least it would be quiet enough there that she could concentrate on finishing her paper. Well, not really finishing it, just perfecting it. After meeting up with Camila, she had added a bit more detail, refraining from saying inappropriate things about how good of a kisser the shorter girl was. Since then, she had been fixing grammar and spelling mistakes, running the whole paper through a couple of scanners. 

As Lauren was running her paper through another scanner, she heard a laugh behind her. She turned, her stomach flipping in fear that it was due to her. But, her heart clenched for a completely different reason. Right behind her, halfway hidden behind a bookshelf, was Pauly and a blonde girl Lauren faintly knew as Bridget. They were interlocked in some sort of awkward kiss that Lauren wasn't sure how they pulled off. Before she could really could a good look at them, though, she was twisting back around, not wanting to be caught. Instantly, she felt bad, like she had to do something, or else she would be betraying Camila. 

Lauren let out a shaky breath, then left her table, going over to the bookshelves. She made a point of making her presence be known by clearing her throat loudly and shuffling books around. 

"Do you mind?"

Lauren looked up from where she was quite rudely shifting through a book, then quirked an eyebrow at Bridget. "Oh, no, I don't," she said, a small smirk coming on her face. "Not at all."

"Hm. I'm starting to think you probably should," Bridget replied, a spark of anger in her eyes. She was trying to be intimidating, but Lauren wasn't shaken. She wanted to show that she wasn't fond of what Bridget and Pauly were doing behind Camila's back. It wasn't fair. 

No matter how much Lauren was shaking, and no matter how afraid she was, she wouldn't back down from the likes of a bitch with a bad haircut and a no-good cheater.

It was then that Lauren noticed that Pauly wasn't by Bridget any longer. He had disappeared, somewhere unbeknownst to Lauren. The girl looked around for a moment, frowning. "Wait. Where did Pauly go?" she asked. 

Bridget smirked herself. "What, are you jealous that I was mucking on your boyfriend? Oh...wait...that's right. You're a lesbian, aren't you?" she asked, giggling into her hand. 

Lauren scoffed. "Fuck off, princess. I'm wondering where he went so I can chew him out myself. Before I go to Camila," she replied in a snarky tone. 

Bright hummed, pointing over Lauren's shoulder. "He went over there," she said. As she spoke, the man of the hour suddenly came forward, a laptop in his hand. 

Lauren's laptop. 

Lauren gasped, then snatched the device up, holding it close to her chest. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Were you going to steal it? Buy something for your ugly polyester princess?" she asked, raising her voice.

The library suddenly came around the corner, her finger pressed to her mouth. But Lauren ignored her, getting up close to Pauly as blood rushed to her ears, causing them to ring and turn red. Pauly looked calm and collected, though, as he shoved his hand into his torn jeans. 

"No, honey. I was just grabbing it for you, since you can't seem to keep track of things," Pauly replied, a smug smile spreading across his face. "Now, how about you lose track of what happened today, as well. Nothing happened here. At least nothing that can't be kept between you, me, and the pretty lady over there." 

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