Chapter 11

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Gio's pov:
I walk back to my room and slam the door not caring that Ina's in there or that I just startled her.

"What's wrong babe?" She purs

"Nothing and I'm not your 'babe' Ina. I just need some alone time so please leave."

"Aww, you poor baby. I can make you feel all better," she says while climbing on top of me.

"I'm serious Ina. Leave." I say pushing her aside.

"Why're you acting like this? Don't you want me?" She says standing up and straightening her dress.

"Not now." I firmly say pointing to the door.

"If not now, then never and don't even think about calling me ever again Giovanni." She says while grabbing her coat and with that she's out the door.

I walk to my closet and pull out a picture of my mom. I miss her so much. She always kept me and dad from arguing and now that she was gone, it's as if everything little thing I do, he has to bring her into it. Way to make a man feel guiltily.

There's a knock on the door and I tuck the photo back in and say "come in."

"Hey, dad told me about your little argument. You okay?"

"Yeah. I just don't wanna talk about it T."

"I know you don't but sometimes it's good to talk about it." She says sitting up on my bed.

"Isn't your boyfriend suppose to be here?" I say changing the subject and luckily she goes along with it.

"Uh, yeah he should be here any minute actually."

"Well, then shouldn't you downstairs waiting for him?

"Actually, I shouldn't be doing that. I should be upstairs checking up on my older brother. Are you sure you're okay Gio?" She asks with concern all over her face.

"There's nothing wrong with me. Honestly," I say getting out of bed.

"Come on, I don't wanna let my bad mood kill your excitement." I say lending her a hand.

We go downstairs and I see the blonde girl that I saw with Nadiyah and Nadiyah, she looks up at me and turns back around as if I don't exist. I take a seat right next to her and she tries to get up and follow her friend to wherever she went.

"Diyah wait-"

"Why? I don't care about what you have to say honestly. That is all you and you do what you want."

"Can I explain myself? Gosh, if you would just shut up and let me explain it to you."?" I say getting a little irritated.

"Okay, go ahead," she says folding her arms across her chest.

This only makes her chest pop out even more and she looks even sexier. I can't help but stare. She looks even more gorgeous and innocent in what she's wearing now. Not the sassy girl with the tight dress on from last night.

"Eyes up here," she snaps.

"Then stop being so tempting to look at," I mumble.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. As I was saying, I'm sorry you caught me with Ina. I didn't know the door was still unlocked and for the record, we didn't finish if you were wondering."

"I wasn't wondering. At all,"

"Okay, I'm sorry for telling you that part. I just wanted to let you know. Look can we just start over?" I ask, scratching the back of my head.

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