Chapter 25 | Skyfall

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"Which side do you want?" Emma asks Killian an hour after dinner, calling his way from over her shoulder as she gets ready for bed.

"Maybe I should sleep in the armchair." He mumbles with uncertainty.

Emma rolls her, "You were the one who told them we were Married. Besides you managed to make it through last night unscathed, I don't bite.." She smirks, winking at him playfully as she slips under the covers without waiting for his answer, just claiming the side she had before.

Killian shakes his head, trying to explain why he did what he did. "The old bat wouldn't let us take the room otherwise, and it's too cold to sleep in the car." He reasons, not making eye contact with her. Instead he stares at the wood floors, as he apprehensively makes his mind over.

Emma's silk voice slices through his thoughts, "I promise I won't steal all the covers", She smiles sweetly, uncovering his side of the bed and patting the spot next to her. Her words remind Killian of what he told her just last night when she was unconscious;
But Killian also knows she's lying, because after all she is a true born thief - Even when it comes to the covers.

He gives her an easy smile that makes Emma think that if she was cold, he'd sacrifice his warmth and give them to her, just like he'd given her his jacket not so long ago.

She wishes he wouldn't smile at her like that, giving her so much false hope on a silver platter that makes her heart swell but yet she knows in a few hours he's going to wake her up calling some other woman's name.

Killian looks at the ceiling as if praying for guidance before finally getting into bed with her, careful to stay on his side as he settles in. Emma does the same, laying on her side snuggled into the blankets while she looks at his profile until he turns his head to her, raising a dark eyebrow in question.

"I think this small town is just the place for us." Emma whispers
to him, closing her eyes before he can respond. But she would swear he mumbles: "me too."

The most amazing thing is, Killian doesn't wake her up from yelling Milah's god awful name; Instead he pulls her from her slumber when his arm falls asleep under the pressure of her head. His voice soft, as if he'd rather bear the pain of the tingling and numb sensations spiraling up his arm only amplified since his shoulder injury, than fully wake her up.

Emma's eyes blink open, and she's confused; realizing that somehow she has ended up with her hand pressed against his chest as it rises and falls evenly, her head on his shoulder, his arm around her and his hand resting on top of hers.

"I'm sorry," Emma mumbles in a small worried voice as he slides his arm out from under her head gently, before he stretches it out to the side.

"Nothing to be sorry for lass." Killian speaks softly, as he massages his shoulder with his hand, giving her an apologetic look. "This never used to happen to me. Not until my shoulder took a bullet."

Did he mean while spooning women? Or just in general?

Emma nibbles on her bottom lip and looks up at him as painful as it may be, imagining him holding Milah closely, without any side effects. Actually being capable of loving her, mentally and physically with no set backs. What's so wrong with me? Milah is honestly the last person Emma wants to discuss right now.
But something else becomes evident to her, for a brief fleeting moment it may have been, it seemed as though maybe Killian had enjoyed being that close to her as much as she did being close to him.

"I'm still sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." She whispers sincerely, searching his eyes as he studied her as the moonlight leaks through the window.

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