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You know how you when life takes all that is close to you and ruins it to the point that you can’t bare it any longer that is how I feel  right now.

The rain pounded on the road in front of me making it absolutely impossible to see where I was going, clutching both  the handle of my bags like my life depended on it I made my way to the room that I now shared  with my new roomate on campus, and the bags being up till my waist did not help the fact that I was completely blinded by the rain but I couldn’t complain finding them was hard enough . It was after all the middle of September  but my bad luck seemed to have caught up with me once again .

As I made my way across campus I couldn’t help but think about my past , about the day that everything changed.

It was a month I was looking after my  four year old brother Josh . He was the only family I had besides my parents who were at their jobs at the community center . My dad was the manager there while my mom took take of the day to day accounts.

It  was a little after 9pm and I had put Josh to bed which was directly opposite to mine in the  little room that we shared. The two beds took most of the room leaving only a little space for a table and the closet .

My family was broke we barely managed to scrape by our monthly rent . All I ever wanted to do was experience a different life and now two  weeks from now  when my college at North gale started I would be able to get it.

It was started to get late and my nerves began to get the better of me I started to imagine all terrifying possibilities for make my parents late what if they lost their jobs? How would we pay the rent even with though I helped through the job I had we would have to leave, would we end up at the shelter again? Or will my brother will have to be shifted to foster care..

I stared at my brother who slept like a angel in  the far reaches of heaven No I wouldn’t let that happen to josh I would………… my train of thought was suddenly  broken by a knock on the door. I quickly jumped of the bed and made a beeline towards the door . Immediately opening it I saw a police officer at the door his face a mask of pity and his eyes filled with sorrow as he looked at me . a face that I was to see a lot during the rest of my life , a face pitying me on the death of my parents.

Although almost a month had passed the memory of that night refused to loose the grip it had on my mind . deep in that memory I had completely fazed out the  real world and I walked right into something really hard making me loose my balance and knocking me hard straight on my ass.

“What the hell ” I heard a familiar deep male  voice say next , realisation washed over me as I strained my eyes to see who just said that , recognising the face almost instantly.

“Impossible…” I heard myself whisper.

“hey are you who I think you are ” he said

Before I could even answer a ‘yes’ I found myself in a bone crushing hug that cut of my air supply”.

“getting …………..cru..shed” I managed to say before the huge muscles arms let go of my.

I took a few seconds to get the air back into my lungs after which I stepped forward and smacked his arm

“ why the heck didn’t you tell me you were coming David” I said

“missed you too mia’’ he said giving me lopsided grin making my heart melt , I couldn’t help but resist the pang of sadness that shot through my body but years of controlling my feelings had led me to restrain from anything else.

Suddenly a smile played on my lips as I looked at him this was my best  friend David Force although we were from totally different worlds we somehow managed to become really good friends. We balanced each other out me being the shy , and responsible one and he being the outgoing , outspoken and sloppy one.

We were inseparable that was up until last year when his family moved him to a private school instead of  the public school were we studied . Though we tried to keep I touch but we couldn’t he had a new life a life without his excuse of a friend we drifted apart and now he didn’t even know the most biggest of my life’s sorrows.

Pushing aside the sadness that was threatening to over power me I gave David a quick hug which he immediately returned with a more softer one than before .

“Missed you too ” ,I murmured against his chest , we stayed there for a few seconds before I pulled apart looking up into his deep blue eyes which right now was filled with happiness ,I realised he still hadn’t answered my question so I began again.

“Dave what are you doing here? You were supposed to be at Yale not  North gate ” I began,

“The question is what are you doing here weren’t you supposed be in Lake-view  ”

“Well yeah Lake-view didn’t exactly give a scholarship  North-gate did so here I am , but you on the other hand how did you like the other side of town” I said once again taking hold of my bags when I looked up I saw a slightly irritated expression on his face.

Noticing me looking at him he said “Mia I’m so sorry I left you like that , I’ve missed you a lot I that freaking place I tried to get a hold of you but you didn’t seem to want to talk but seriously if I could take back all that happened I would …..” he broke of with a sigh.

Me too I thought but instead I told him, “don’t worry about it Dave I didn’t want to be that pathetic friend who would let you go besides what’s done is done and we can’t change the past right  ” as we began walking.

“ Mia you know I would never think that” he said with a pained expression on his face

“I know ” I responded with a shrug . Trying to break the tension in the air I gave him a little shove but he was like a rock so instead of shoving him I was the one who staggered a bit seeing this we both ended up laughing . This was us serious yet foolish at the same time and laughing with him felt good but as soon as the memory of my parents returned my face fell.

“ I see someone has been working out ” trying to hide my uneasiness I told him with a slight smirk .

“Well you know seeing as you weren’t there for me to annoy I decide on a new hobby ”

“Oh very haha very funny  ” I told him as we made our way to the building of apartments that stood in front of us. The silence between us continued but it was peaceful like it always was , we understood each other and that was enough.

As I was about to enter the elevator he suddenly spoke

“You know I am sorry about them” he said me with pity stretched in those ocean blue eyes, as he stared at me expectidly I couldn’t look at him anymore. Who knows maybe I was in denial or maybe I couldn’t bare to lay open my heart as I once did .

I looked at the floor instead of receiving the pity that was undoubtedly about to came so wanted to avoid it all together

“I know” I told him and walked into the elevator door that was open behind him hurriedly closing the doors and leaving him.  

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