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"Sarah Goodheart's body was found last night stuck in an elevator shaft in downtown Manhattan at 1:43am this morning. Authorities still aren't sure what exactly happened to Mrs. Goodheart, though the many slashes on her body indicate it may have been the work of a serial killer, as her wounds are similar to that of two other women. Sarah Goodheart is survived by her five kids and husband. The memorial will be held later this week."

I still can't believe it, even after seeing her cold, bruised, and lifeless body on the metal table of the coroner's office.

Hearing that on the radio made my heart twist in agony. She was my best friend, my wife... My whole world, along with our five kids: Rosie, Luna, Hunter, Kasey, and Jeffery. They knew she was missing, but I hope they don't know she was murdered.

Grief filled me because I keep thinking that if I had picked her up after work, then she would still be alive. She was so young, only twenty-eight years old.

I kept hoping she would be found unhurt. That my baby would come home to me. For three days she had been missing. I guess the smell from a decaying body gave way to the discovery of her body.

My mind came back to the present and I nearly had to slam on my breaks before I ran a red light. The roar of blood in my ears soon dimmed as I called myself down. I had to be strong for the kids, I couldn't make them loose their father as well in the same week. As I wait for the light to change, I can't help but think I need to dig through this case myself. Whoever did it must have had a reason, since they left behind a printed note.

"Who is the cat and who is the mouse in this situation, detective? Maybe you'll never find out."

What were they talking about? I may be the best detective in my department, but then that leaves only a few possible suspects. I can't rule them out though.

God, I have to be strong for my kids.

A honk brings me out of my thoughts once more and I see the light has changed, driving a few more blocks to get to the kids' school, parking out front and turning off the engine before I question, really question if they should know right now. Either way, they will end up crying about it. But do I want to deal with that now or later? Now or later... Hmmm......

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