Rescue Mission

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Jake's POV -

"It's been a while baby," I chuckled, passing the small pistol between my hands. It was as smooth as I remembered it, not too heavy but with enough weight to get a good grip. The pistol was a perfect fit for my hands, I had lots of love for this gun. It had saved my life quite a few times before and I shook my head, remembering all the memories of scarier days. I pointed it towards Brett, another gang member and shut one eye, aiming directly in the area his heart was.


Brett clutched his heart dramatically and I lowered my gun, grinning at him. He rolled onto the floor, clutching his heart before sputtering and choking.

I chuckled at him before tucking my gun back into the waistband of my jeans and covered it over with my shirt an jacket.

"You're so dramatic," I grinned towards Brett. He stood up, dusting himself off before replying.

"There's always one dramatic in every gang," he responded playfully and I rolled my eyes before turning my attention back to my phone.

Amil isn't going to show up.

I should have known.

I sighed heavily, knowing my boss would pull a stunt like this. Instead he sent over two guys to replace him, Brett and Jamie. Both had been gang members for a few years.,Jamie was tall and skinny with a blonde buzzcut and Brett was built wide, muscular and had dark jet black hair. I got on well with both guys and didn't mind going with them instead of Amil.

He always did get others to do his dirty work for him.

"So we go in, kill Jones and get the girl back basically?" Brett asked and I nodded, pocketing my phone before replying.

"I'll be the first one in, Jones should be by himself but he might have one or two men with him. Basically, we're going in blind."

"Take him by surprise, he's a hell of a fighter so watch out for that. He'll probably have a few weapons on him. He's only expecting me to show up so we have the upper hand. Whoever finds Emily first, needs to get her away from there as far as possible." I explained.

Brett and Jamie nod and I knew they wanted to know more about the situation with me and Emily. I didn't blame them considering they were risking their lives for her.

"I appreciate what you're doing." I nodded towards them and they nodded back, signalling they understood. I sighed and headed for the door, Brett and Jamie right behind me. The adrenaline was pumping through my veins knowing what we were about to do.

"Let's go," I said quietly.

We all left the room, closing the door behind us, not knowing if we would ever see the same four walls again.

Emily's POV-

"Eat Emily," DC Jones pushed the plate towards me. I stared back at him, my eyes emotionless and bloodshot from lack of sleep.

"Fuck you," I spat, hatred running through my blood.

I felt weak and the last thing on my mind was food. I grimaced at the plate before I turned away from him, staring at the same spot on the wall that I had done for hours now. I didn't know the time, I didn't even know what day it was.

I could only recognise day and night by the small window above me. When the sun streamed through the window, I would lie flat, soaking in the warmth. However when darkness greeted me, so did the cold. I spent my nights shivering in my thin clothes on the floor, praying for someone to come rescue me.

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