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*Monday morning*

[Calvin POV]

I was rudely awoken by my mother walking in and sliding the curtains away from the window exposing my entire body to the light. “Ugh mom! It’s too early!” “Uh uh hun, its seven thirty, get up!” “But moooooommmm!” “I don’t wanna hear it! If you aren’t ready in an hour, you’re going to school dressed like that.” After she left the room I grunted loudly and pulled myself up off my bed. Without even looking at myself I grabbed my towel and headed to the bathroom for a shower. Letting the warm water in case me, I couldn’t help but come to the realisation that I had school today. With Simon. The sexy bartender slash music teacher.  I suddenly felt nervous.

After dressing myself in some black Skinny’s, Converse and my faded American flag tee, I did my hair all pretty like and headed down stairs to find something to chow.  “Mom? Did you make me some breakfast?” “Yeah son, it should be in the kitchen” “Thanks mom.” Eww, porridge. Refusing to eat it, I threw it in the bin, grabbed an apple, my bag and my car keys, I kissed my mom goodbye and headed for school. The drive there was getting worse. Mainly because I didn’t know how he’d react….or if he would at all. As I parked my car, I let out a huge sigh. Within two seconds of getting out of my car, I was attacked with kisses by Roxy. “Ewwy ewwy ewwy! Lady kisses!” I screamed making fake gagging noises.

“Omg! Guess What Calv?!” “What Rox?” I wasn’t the slightest bit interested at this stage “ WE HAVE MR. CURTIS LAST THREE CLASSES!” I looked at her, my eyes and mouth both forming ‘O’s. “Don’t mess with me hoe!” “What? I thought you of all people would be excited.” As I opened my mouth to say something the bell rang. I hope nothing major blows up about this. Walking to my first class without even bothering to get any books, I avoided Simon as much as I could. Sitting in French, I hadn’t got a clue what the teacher was babbling on about. Why would I need French anyway? It’s not like I’m gonna move over to those icky snail eating freaks.

“Calvin! Etes-vous attention?” *are you paying attention?* “Miss, I honestly don’t know what you just said; I wouldn’t bother trying with me.” With an eye roll, she carried on talking about shit no one cared about. When the bell rang, I got up to leave, and then quickly it was a double lesson. Fucking yay. With a Un necessarily loud groan, I slumped back down into my seat and lay my head on the desk and stayed like that for the rest of the class. I had a free class the next period so I went to the library and thought about different scenarios with the whole Simon thing. I don’t know why I bothered because I just frustrated myself.

At least we had we had a break now, so it was still a wee while away.  While talking to Roxy about what she did with Dave during the weekend and making gag noises during the intimate bit. He walked past. My stomach dipped when his beautiful smile dropped when he saw me standing there. He carried on walking, more angrily now, trying not to let anything show.  I couldn’t listen to Roxy properly anymore, I just wanted to burst into tears and sulk like a child. But I had to be strong, I took a deep breath and carried on trying to listen to Roxy. After what seemed like forever, the bell rang signalling class. I decided to skip and break down in tears I my car, I couldn’t bare facing teachers and homework and al the irritating fuckwits in my class.

I turned on the radio only to cry harder because Someone Only We Know was playing. I couldn’t help but start shouting at myself in the car. “WHY?! Why the actual fuck did I have to fall for him? WHY?! He’s my teacher for Jesus sake! Why didn’t I just say no? Or just leave when I could?!” This was followed by an uncontrollable onslaught of tears.  No, stop Calvin. Pull yo’self together! You’re a grown man and shouldn’t be crying over someone you’ve only known for 2 days. I just couldn’t help it, he was just so perfect. The way his grey eyes were all sparkly and stuff, that little hair flicky thing he does and that kiss. That kiss on the ice rink. F%$K YOU TEEN HOROMONES!

I didn’t realise how long I’d been alone until Roxy knocked on my window and scared the shit out of me. I opened my door but left my head on my steering wheel. “Y’okay? You missed the argument I had with Ms. Dorith that Strasbourg was in France and not Germany. It sounds boring now that I say it out loud though….”  “I’m fine Rox, just gimme a few minutes to make myself semi-presentable, I’ll meet you outside the music room in a bit. With hesitation, she walked back into the school. I pulled the little bit of make-up I actually used and just made around my eyes look not so red. Yes I use make-up, and what?! Reluctantly, I pulled myself out of the car and walked with no hast whatsoever to music.

I got there just as the bell rang and shot for the seat at the back of the class in the corner, Roxy sat in front of me and looked at me questioningly. I couldn’t tell her about it now, but I made a mental note to tell her later. He walked in with a smile on his face just looking over the class. He obviously didn’t see me because I had my head against the table and he still had the smile on his face when I lifted my head. He started calling the register and his face hardened when it got to mine. My stomach dropped out my ass, hit the floor and bounced back up again. He definitely didn’t want me anymore. I’ve never felt like more of an idiot, unwanted and pointless in my life.


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