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Now I'm in forth period, and hate this class. It's my least favorite. All of my enemies are in this class. Seriously. All of them

I bring out my Algebra book and begin working.
"Hey Carson," Jamie says from behind me. I ignore her and continue to do my work.
"Bitch," Jamie says toward me. I turn around slowly.
"Jamie don't talk about yourself like that, it's rude," I reply with as I continue to do my work.

She gasps and turns my way.
"Do you know who you are talking too?!" She asks
"Honesty, no. I don't know who or what you are," I say, surprised by my sudden boost of couage.

Or so I thought. Just then her boyfriend, Jordan walks up to us. He's the biggest jock in the school. I'm surprised he only has one girlfriend. He can't seem to keep it in his pants.

"Is there a problem?" Jordan asks, putting his arm around Jamie.
"," I stumble, suddenly at a loss for words.
"No, tell him what you told me," Jamie smirks.
"Nothing. I said nothing," I reply with as the final bell rings.

I push past them and walk down the long hallways and soon, I'm out of the school. I see Jack talking to someone by his car. I go over there and it's Jessie. She's cool, I guess.

We were friends before highschool. Then, she became one of the popular whores of the school.

She hasn't started any rumors of me this year. So, I don't have any problem with her.

I walk up to Jack and he doesn't acknowledge me. Jessie shirt shows a little more than what I would wear.

She glares at me and I roll my eyes.
"Jack, I have to be home soon," I say as I tap his arm. He doesn't even look at me. Jessie smiles, know how I feel right now.

I begin to walk away. I get on my skateboard and ride. I'm half way him when I get pushed from behind lightly.
"Hey, why didn't you come get me when you got out?" He asks.
" I did, you didn't reply and you were busy, so I left you" I say as I shrug my shoulders.
"You didn't tell me you were there," he says as his voice gets louder.
"Okay, whatever, just forget about it," I say shaking it off.

We get to my house and he side hugs me. I smile and he pulls back.
"That didn't feel right," he says and he front hugs me tight, his head in the small of my neck. I giggle and rest my head on his chest.

After what feels like seconds, but were a few minutes. He pulls away.
"You'll be over later right?" I ask.
"Why wouldn't I be?" He asks with a smile. I giggle and walk inside.

" Mom I'm home!" I yell throughout the house. I walk into the kitchen and grab an apple. I see a note and read it.
Hey sweetie. Dinners in the fridge, won't be home till late. I love you. Don't have a party wile I'm gone :) lol I'll see you when you get home.

I throw away the note and walk into my room, doing my homework.

I get done and then I hear a knock at my window. I smile and open the window.
"Hey buddie," Jack asks as he climbs in the window.
"Hey, my mom's not here, she's at work," I say as he sits on my bed.
"Oh, that's cool," he says.
"Come on, let's go eat," I say. As I walk into the kitchen and pull out the food from the fridge.

Jack comes in the kitchen and steals a noodle from the bowl. I hit his hand we both laugh.

After dinner, Jack and I are in my room.
"Jack get out, I need to change," he smiles and gets out. I change into yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt, I also threw my hair in a messy bun. "You can come in now Jack," I call to him from where ever he was.

I lay down and cover myself up with my blankets. Jack comes into my room. He smiles and lays down beside me, wrapping his arms around me protectively.
"Jack?" I ask sleepily.
"Yes?" He asks.
"Why don't you age?" I ask fighting the sleep trying to pull me.
"I'll tell you when I know you won't run away from me, when you love to to much to leave me," he whispers the last part in my ear. I can't respond before I fall into the pit of darkness dreaming of the man with the pointy nose.

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