Chapter 8


"I can’t believe you’re getting married!" Squealed Annie, Sasha’s mom, excitedly as she held onto my hand to look at my ring.

"Yeah. It’s unbelievable alright," Dylan said emotionlessly from his place, leaning against the wall.

"When’s the wedding?!" Sasha asked, ignoring Dylan’s comment.

"In three months," I said biting my lip to hide my smile because I knew if Dylan saw it he would be hurt even more.

"At our house of course," Vince’s Dad smiled, his English accent coming out much more pronounced than Vince’s just like his mom.

"In London? Everyone you know is in America!" Paul, Sasha’s Dad, exclaimed.

"Laila is moving to London with us since Vince is going back home to finish college, though." Dad explained.

"Laila can’t got to London!" Dylan and Sasha both yelled out at the same it.

"Laila can," I said looking over at Vince smiling, "And she is."

"I’ll fly anyone that Laila invites from America over personally if I need to, but Laila decided she wanted to be married in the garden behind my parents house and she’ll get what she wants." Vince said, pulling me closer into his side and smiling his mega-watt smile at everyone.

Sasha gave me a defeated look and nodded her head in understanding. Dylan just glared at Vince before looking across the room. All the parents were beaming with excitement. I noticed two things in that moment-all the women in the room were looking at Vince proudly and that half the room was already boxed up.

"When are we moving.?" I asked, looking over to my Mom.

"In three days. Oh, Laila. You should see our house! It’s gorgeous and only three miles from Vince’s parents. The house is perfect to have our grandchildren running around in," Mom said excitedly, ending with a sigh and staring at my stomach.

My eyes went wide and I looked over to Vince in horror. I leant up to him and whispered in his ear. "Tell me she didn’t just say that."

"Calm down, Love." He laughed lightly as he placed a hand on my thigh and rubbed circles with his thumb, trying to relax me.

"OMG! I understand now! You’re pregnant!" Sasha gasped, standing up pointing a finger at me.

"What?!" Vince and I yelled in unison.

"Finishing High School early, getting married, quitting the band, moving away. It all adds up," She smiled evilly.

"Laila! Is it true?! Are you pregnant?" Mom asked excitedly, literally bouncing.

"Really? You’re asking me that question?" I asked shocked.

"Well, you do stay at his place a lot. We barely see you anymore between you being there and with Sasha," Dad smirked, waiting on an answer.

"How far along are you?!"

"When were you going to tell us?!"

"How could you marry that douche?!" <<< Obviously Dylan's question.

"When'd you find out?!"

"What is the sex?!"

All these questions were thrown at me in only a matter of seconds causing my head to spin. I tried desperately to focus on one question at a time, but it soon became to much. I glanced over at Dylan and watched as his eyes went wide and he started towards me quickly before I fell into a deep blackness.