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John's POV

Napahawak ako ng sobrang higpit sa manibela.
Throwing Anne the very last glance I could ever have. I don't want to see her crying especially when I am about to leave. It breaks my heart. Thankfully I made her smile even though she cried a lot earlier.

"You will always babygirl" bulong ko sa kanya kahit na alam kong hindi niya ako maririnig dahil nasa labas siya ng kotse ko.

I smiled at her as a sign of goodbye and so did she.

Pinaandar ko na ang kotse ko at nagsimulang magdrive palayo sa mansion niya.

This is the right thing to do for the sake of everyone.

Alam kong hindi ko kaya ang mafia, and Anne convinced me that daniela wants to kill me after the wedding.

Bago pa siya makagawa ng kung ano man, hindi dapat niya mahalata na may alam na ako sa mga plano niya para hindi na madamay ang iba lalo na ang pamilya ko.

Babalik ako anne......I promise. :'( ************************************************************************
Someone's POV

"Today is the day mom and dad." I smiled at them and they also smiled at me, the smile of victory.

"Congratulations my sweet loving daughter, at last the plans are going well. Soon, you will own the Q's Company and we will be the most powerful and rich person in the world! Hahahaha !" mommy.

"That will surely be the time to compete with the mafias and rule the mafia world. Kapag nangyari yon hindi na natin kailangang matakot sa kaligtasan ng isa't isa at makukuha natin lahat ng gustuhin natin. We are so proud of you anak"daddy.

"Anak, ipagpatuloy mo yan ha. That's really great. We'll go ahead, see you in no time at the church" mom said then they both kissed me in my cheeks and leave.

Anne's POV

"Attention passengers. The flight for Chicago is currently on process. Please proceed to your designated planes and enjoy the rest of the trip. Thank you."

"Sis......" Joy hold my hand.
"Do you really have to go?" she said sadly.

I just nod for an answer.

Labag man sa loob ko pero, I can't stay here.

Knowing the fact that today is John's wedding day I can't help but imagine him walking down the aisle with another girl.

"You know he loves you.... Sis, you can still hold on to hope--" joy

"There's no more, Joy. I guess hindi talaga kami para sa isa't isa." sabi ko at nagsimula ng maglakad papunta sa immigration.

"Keep safe, and please keep in touch." Joy . I smiled at her sweetly and hugged her but didn't utter a single word.

Best friends never say goodbye. They only say....
"See you again." me


This is it.
This may be the end of our story but this may also be the beginning of something.


Someone's POV

As the music started to play, I walked slowly down the aisle. Wearing the best gown my personal designer could ever give. Only few people are invited, all eyes are on me. Execpt for one. John.

->>fast forward->>

"Daniela Naoumi, do you accept John Roque as your beloved half for the rest of your life, for sickness or in health, for richer or poorer in God's guidance m--" priest.

"I DO!!!" I shouted cheerfuly and excited.

"John Roque, do you accept Daniela Naoumi as your beloved other half for the rest of your life for sickness or in health, for richer or poorer--" priest.

"Yes! Right husband?" I shouted.

Everyone stared at us and I can see John's face expressionless.

"Let him answer the question miss. " the priest said.

"Just go the point where you pronounce us husband and wife! It's just too hot in here and this gown is killing for its heaviness! Oh priest I clearly know and everyone knows that he loves me we just need the papers for us to be officially married!" I whined.

"Miss daniela! This is the sacrament of marriage. Marriage is not just about the wedding or the papers but--" hindi ko na pinakinggan ang mga sinabi pa niya.

Nang biglang.

"John! Where are you going?!" I heard Mr. Roque shouted with an angry tone of voice.

When I noticed that he run away my heart stopped beating and can only hear rumors and noise from the people inside the church.

The priest tried to ask me some questions but I did not entertain him. I did not entertain any question anyone gaved me this very moment.

I saw my parents dissapointed and angry.

N-no.. NOOOOO!


Anne's POV

"Move and you are dead miss!" someone whispered over my shoulder.

I rolled my eyes.
"Are you all gonna use that line all over and over again?. I mean, I've already memorized that and can predict what's gonna happen next." walang gana kong sambit.

Hindi pa ako nakakapasok sa immigration at nakaalis na sina Joy kanina dahil may mahalaga pa silang pupuntahan ni Gabriel.

"Luxianne Perez. Sumama ka sa amin ng maayos at hindi mag kakaroon ng kaguluhan dito!" matigas na sabi ng isang lalaki sa gilid ko habang hawak ng mahigpit ang  kaliwa kong braso.

Wait!.. H-how did they..
Where are the guards??!

Pinilipit ko ang kamay ng lalaking may hawak ng braso ko.

"Aaaaaargh! FVCK Y*U B*TCH!!!!"

"Ow, you scream like a baby. Does it hurt?" I asked him sweetly with a teasing smile.

Akmang susuntukin ako ng isa sa gilid but he fell into the ground dahil naiwasan ko ang suntok niya. Idiots.

I kicked the jewelry of the guy who tried to punch me caused him to cry to death.

"Don't ever underestimate a gir--" me.

Sumipa ako ng sumipa at sumuntok ng sumuntok sa hangin dahil wala akong matamaan. At hindi ko matanggal ang mahigpit na pagkakahawak sa bibig ko ng mala higanteng lalaki na nasa likodan ko ngayon.

"Argh!" kinagat ko ang kamay niya pero hindi man lang siya natinag.

"Sweet dreams princess. Hahahahahahahahahahaha......." they all laughed at me until I unconsciously fell asleep.


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