They are Here Part 51

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8th September 2018 All Rights Reserved


Jenny POV...

It was the sound of the phone ringing that woke me again. Damn it. I just want to sleep for a little while longer. Why can't I have that one little thing? Sleep.

After coming back here in the early hours of this morning, I found that I couldn't sleep much at all. So I potted about the place going through a few more of the boxes that had come down from the attic, trying to be quiet so that I didn't disturb any of the others. One of the boxes had a pile of old news papers in them all bundled up.

Not knowing why that was, I thought I'd leave that and speak to Mum about it when I make a Skype call to her later on. But it took another hour before I was tired enough to take myself off to bed and catch a few winks.

But this damn phone that was ringing has stolen whatever winks I needed away from me. So reaching over to the bedside cupboard, I fumbled around until I felt the phone, then grabbing it and after sliding it open, I put it to my head and grumbled.

"This better be bloody worth it. You woke me the fuck up." I groaned, no I actually growled, into the phone.

"Hello Love." I heard a voice speak very quietly into the phone.

A voice I hadn't heard speak in a few months. Any sleep I was wanting had gone when he spoke to me, calling me 'Love.' Deciding how to speak to him, I thought to maybe act as if I didn't know who it was.

"Excuse me. Who is this?" I asked in a snotty lady like voice. At least I hoped it sounded like that.

"Huh. What do you mean, who is it?" He asked in a clipped voice after a moment or two of silence.

"If you don't tell me who this is, I'm hanging up." I snapped out at him trying not to smile because he knows what I'm like on the phone.

"Damn it. It's me." He blurted out sounding frustrated through the phone.

"I'll have you know that I have a husband that will beat the tar out of you when he finds you. You mark my words." I said to him with a snicker to my voice as I waited for his response on the other end of the line... Well, on the other end of the phone call.

"Jenny. Can I talk to you?' Daniel asked me in a serious voice.

"I thought we were talking." I dryly said back at him as I lay back on the bed after rolling over to reach for the phone.

"What do you want, Daniel?" I asked him quietly being very serious, but not angry as in raging for the first time since this happened.

"I don't want a divorce." He said to me quietly after I heard him take a deep breath just before he spoke.

"Why not? You'd be free to screw whoever you want without worrying about me finding out." I guess I was still a little bit angry after all.

"No. I just want you. Please Jenny." He was saying in a quiet voice that had a  pleading tone to it.

"I don't know, Daniel. I just don't know." I said back to him just as quietly as I felt tears filling my eyes and rolling down the side of my face.

Lifting my hand as I held onto the bottom of my shirt, I used it to wipe away the tears that wouldn't stop falling.

"Please baby, don't cry." He was pleading to me. "Please."

He must have heard me sniffling as I was trying not to cry. But it was hard. I missed him. I missed my babies. I missed Mum and Dad. I missed us being together, but I was frightened of getting hurt again. I missed my life when we didn't have any problems.

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