(23) 16 yr old + new dimension + new bf = trouble

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She didn't answer but walked over to me and sat down between me and Jake. Jake was looking normal however. This was really freaking me out. My mum opened the book and inside were pictures.

But what really freaked me out were the pictures inside.

They were pictures of.....


They were pictures of..... My granddad...... In Kristara.

My mouth fell in an O shape. "Gramps was...was....he was the king of Kristara?" I stuttered. My mother nodded, Jake just stared at the picture.

It was a picture of my gramps standing tall and proud, wearing a white suit with probably real gold stitched on and was wearing a crown. Behind him was a huge palace, even bigger then the ones I went to.

"He didn't die of TB. He died by protecting Kristara. He fought a dragon for the sake of Kristara." My mother said quietly, breaking the silence.

I gasped, I was told Gramps died of TB.... but it was because of Kristara. "But mum..." I said, a thought striking me, "If Gramps was King wouldn't next in line be you?" I asked. Gramps was mum's dad and she loved him to bits. So did I.

He was like my dad, gramps and a best friend all in one. If I had any secrets he would know them, whether I told him or not. Maybe that was his power....?

"No, honey. I don't have powers. So I can't be Queen, I wouldn't be ale to protect a fly." She said, with a bitter laugh. Bitter? "What's wrong mum?" I asked, I touched her shoulder reassuringly and felt the muscles underneath tensed. She let out a breath and looked at me.

"My brother ruled instead of me and he was completely useless. He collapsed at least three kingdoms in Kristara and only then was he banished from Kristara. He wanted Kristara to suffer. That's why we have never been to your uncle's for quite some time." I

remembered me asking mum when I was little why we never went to uncle's house. She just merely shrugged it off and I never knew the true reason.

"So you're ok with me and Jake getting married?" I asked cautiously. She nodded and turned to Jake. "You better take care of my Kristi mister or you'll be hearing from me!" My mum said, practically scolding Jake. "Mum!" I whined like a little girl. She laughed. She hugged us tightly and then turned the pages of the book.

There was my granddad looking really majestic and proud. There was a little girl standing next to him and I swear I've seen her before. She had black hair like me but they were pulled up in two ponytails. She was holding Gramps hand proudly and looking into the camera happily and carelessly. Wait a second! Is that.....

"Is that me mum?" I asked. I turned to look at her and she had a sad smile on her face. She turned to me and said, "Your granddad always thought you would be a perfect queen. You used to snatch the crown off his head and would put it on your own saying it was yours and he couldn't wear it." She said, smiling at the thought.

I smiled, now remembering why I had found the streets of Kristara familiar. "Mum, you are welcome in Kristara aren't you?" I asked suddenly. She looked serious for a second but then answered. "I am, but how would I get there." I looked at her like she was stupid.

"Mother, I am supposedly the Queen of this dimension." I said. She looked at me and then shook her head. "What?" I asked her. "I think I'm losing it. How can I not know that!" She yelled. I laughed and hugged her.

"Ok, so now we need to plan the wedding!" My mum said suddenly. "Mrs Hurst, we're not getting married till we're 18!" Jake said, he was just as bewildered as me. "I know honey but we need to start planning!" My mum said like it was obvious.