Kozume Kenma x Reader (A little help)

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This is for 's contest. First entry. I hope senpai enjoy!


You thought Kenma was the darn cutest thing you ever saw. Like when he's playing his PSP games with so much concentration, his tongue would stick out occasionally. And when he was playing volleyball, his cat-like eyes would narrow, calculating the opponents' moves. And when he sleeps... Kya, you just wanted to kiss him!

But unfortunately, you've been seeing this girl hanging out with him. A third-year with raven black hair and narrow green eyes. She looked like a witch cat. And a darn popular one at that in Nekoma High. You didn't know her last name but everyone called her Nekotari. Kuroo suggested that name and it stuck.

Currently, Nekotari was sitting close to Kenma, blinking lazily at his PSP screen. She gave a cat-like yawn as she snuggled up to him. You pouted slightly as Kenma patted her head. It was true Nekotari was fond of physical affection, considering if it did not went too far. The girl gave a small grin similar to Kuroo. Many had mistaken her for Kuroo's sister. You included.

Speaking of the devil, Kuroo barged into you and Kenma's classroom, calling for Nekotari. The sly raven got up and noticed you. You looked away in embarrassment for being caught staring. Nekotari gave a Cheshire cat grin and whispered something into Kenma's ears. Kenma blushed tomato red, even redder than his uniform jacket, making you wonder what the senior said. The girl ruffled the boy's head and dropped a small kiss unto his forehead.

Nokotari walked pass your desk with a sly grin. She gave a small wink which surprised you. "[l/n] [f/n] right? Meet me outside the gym after school, M'kay?" she purred before waltzing out of the room Kuroo.

The school bell rang signalling the end of school. You shot out of your seat, not wanting to keep the popular senpai waiting. Unfortunately, you came too early. As you stood waiting, Kenma strolled up and noticed you. He looked away and entered the gym hastily. He was blushing but you didn't notice it.

Ten minutes passed and Nekotari still had not arrived. The other volleyball players looked at you before entering the gym, making you feel slightly awkward. Soon, Nekotari walked towards you with Kuroo by her side. The captain entered, leaving Nekotari to stand in front of you. "Oh, you're early. I like your attitude," she cooed, patting your cheeks. You blushed and the raven neko giggled. "and you're so cute too. I can see why he likes you," she continued and opened the gym door, leaving you confused to what she meant. "Come, let's go in," she gestured into the pitch black gym.

"W-why is it so dark? I just saw Kenma and some others walk in," you stuttered meekly. You heard her laugh as the lights turned on. You could see the volleyball regulars lining up with huge manila cards in their hands. The sentence read out 'Will you be Kenma's girlfriend?'

"W-what?" you stumbled backwards slightly, dumbfounded. Kenma walked up to you sheepishly.

"I know this is weird and totally not my idea but [l/n]-san, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked. You nodded excitedly then paused for a moment.

"I thought Nekotari-senpai is your girlfriend?" you said innocently. The said girl started laughing with Kuroo and the rest of the volleyball players while Kenma blushed.

"T-that's my sister!" he yelped, covering his red face.

"As if! Nekotari's my girlfriend!" Kuroo hollered.

"I thought she was your sister," you defended yourself. "You look more alike to her than Kenma is."

"N-no. You see, Kenma rarely smiles but when he does..." Nekotari said, giving a catty smile. Kuroo and Kenma did the same. "We three look alike."

You blinked in total surprise. Nekotari really looked more like Kenma than Kuroo. Like less sly than her captain boyfriend. The girl slung her arms around you. "Just so you know, you can call me Onee-Chan now. I'll be waiting for the day," she said with a wink.

"Eh?!" you shouted with a red face while Kenma groaned, "Onee!"

"What?" the older Kozume said with a cheeky smile.

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