JUNHOE ~ Distance

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"Koo Junhoe! I miss you so much!" I blurted out as I see his face on my laptop screen.

["I miss you too _______! How are you? It's been a week since we haven't talk. I was just so busy with scho---"]

"Don't say sorry! I understand that you're busy. I'm fine. But not totally cause you aren't here with me. When will I see you again? Junhoe please go home." I said, can't help myself to be teary and emo again.

["I wish I could go back there in just a blink of an eye but, I need to obey my parent's decisions. ______, I love you. So much."] I can see his eyes glimmering because of tears. I started crying with him.

"I want to hug you tight Junhoe but this screen is ugh." He chuckled like he is not feeling so down.

["Oh, bye for now _______. I'll just call you again next time. Bye bye my queen."] He started kissing the camera like he is kissing me. I kissed the camera too and waved at him.

"Bye! I love you!" I said and our video call ended.

Our conversation didn't even reach 5 minutes. But I don't care. Atleast I had seen my Junhoe.

Like he said, Distance will never be a wall to our love. My heart and my soul will always belong to you.


2 weeks had passed since our last video call. I kept on sending a message to him but there's still no reply. I tried calling him but it is out of coverage.

Now I am fucking worried. I hope he is okay at this moment

3 weeks...

I still got no reply from him. I even asked his friends but all I hear from them is he is just busy with school.

4 weeks...

My heart is beating so fast every hour minute and seconds. But I'm still not losing hope. Maybe he is just really busy.

5 weeks...

I can't sleep because of my worries. What the fuck is happening to Junhoe? I hope he's fine. I miss him. So much.

6 weeks...

It's been 6 weeks. I already sent 1927292992 messages to him. Ugh where is he!

7 weeks...

Maybe he already forgot about me. Maybe he found a girl who could stay beside him right now. Maybe he already found someone better than me. Aish so many maybes in my mind. Junhoe where you at?

8 weeks...

I will never lose hope. I'm still waiting for that green circle to appear beside his name in skype. I'm still waiting...

10 weeks...

So, is this goodbye Junhoe?

It's been months since he talked to me. I don't have any idea what is happening to him. Did his feelings for me just disappeared? He doesn't love or wants to see me anymore? Damn Koo Junhoe.

I hugged my knees and sobbed. I miss him. And I will never be tired of saying that phrase.

My head immediately tilted up when someome is calling. My soul was alive again when I saw Junhoe's name. I quickly wore my headphones and answered his call.

"Koo Junhoe! Are you insane? What happened to you? Why aren't you showing yourself for almost 1 month? I hate you so much!" I said while sniffing. He just stared at me without saying anything.

"Junhoe! Hey! Ugh I really hate you!" I whined while messing my hair. I think I am already crazy.

["I miss you too so much. See you again soon my queen."] He showed me a weird smile and ended the call.

-- Koo Junhoe is now offline --

I laid on my bed while punching my pillows. So that's it? See you again? Is he Charlie Puth or what? Ahhhhh I'll kill him!

I went downstairs and drank some water. He is stressing me out. Luckily my parents are not around.

I ran upstairs again and stared at my laptop. Still, he is offline. How the heck can he feel so happy? He even smiled at me. Ugh!

I covered my face. I wish he could transport here beside me right now.

"Yea, you're definitely crazy. We're both crazy for each other."

I suddenly heard Junhoe's voice. I checked my skype but he isn't online. I guess this is the effect of missing him so much. Hearing his voice even though he is not here in my cold room.

"My queen. I love you."

He spoke again. It seems that his voice is echoing in my room.


I suddenly felt a warm breath behind my ear. I turned around and saw Junhoe. I quickly hugged him tight like I never wanna lose him.

"Sorry my flight was delayed. I am supposed to go here yesterday but the airport sucks. I love you ______." He said. I just dug my face onto his chest while embracing him.

"Why aren't you replying on my messages and not answering my calls? You made me feel freaking worried." I pouted. He caressed my hair and pinched both of my cheeks.

"After school, I go to work. I am always going home late and tired that's why I can't reply to your messages. It's my intention not to open my skype because I can't focus on my school if I'll always see you longing for me. I always overtime in the coffee shop. Because I earned a lot, I can now buy your favourite ring." He kissed me on my forehead. Because of that, tears quickly streamed on my face.

"I thought you already forgot about me." I sobbed and poked his shoulder.

"Why would I? That will never happen." He kissed me on the lips and hugged me tighter.

"You don't have to overwork yourself for me. And that ring? Forget about it. Having you can make me happy already."

"But I want you to be happier _______. I will never leave your side again my queen." Junhoe kissed me intimately on my lips. And there, we found ourselves entertaining each other.

Distance? That's just a simple word for us.


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