The End

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 Michelle. POV

I sat watching Lily dance with Damien at her wedding reception. I couldn't help but be in awe of their love. She looked beautiful. Andrew was the one who actually found Lily's wedding dress. It was a gorgeous traditional silk dress with capped sleeves covered in Swarovski crystals. The whole dress was fitted closely to her body, only flaring from the knees into a fishtail with a large train. However, the bottom of her dress was dipped in bright pink with matching crystals.  A pink that was the exact shade of her hair color. It was the perfect mix of traditional and unusual.

She bawled her eyes out when she saw it. I swear Andrew might as well have been superman in her eyes. The dress made her look like a fairytale bride. It was perfection. When Damien saw her walk down the aisle his jaw dropped in shock. She had to close it for him! Now, they were dancing their first dance as husband and wife. She glowed in happiness, utterly in love with the man. 

Sighing in happiness, I leaned closer Nate who was holding Sophia, fast asleep in his arms. She looked so adorable in her white dress with her beautiful, bouncy curls. Nate rubbed her back as she snoozed on his chest. It amazed me that she would only fall asleep instantly with him.

"How is it that I have to rock her for at least 45 minutes before she would even begin to close her eyes, but she falls asleep in your arms.  All you have to do is hold her! No more than two minutes and she out." I complained softly in amusement. 

"What can I say? She is a daddy's girl. Besides, she likes to keep you up. I think she finds you quirky bedtimes stories amusing. Or horrible. I don't know which one." He said whilst covering her with a light blanket. He smirked at me.

"Hey, my stories are unique and interesting." I said in defense.

"You say unique, I said weird." He laughed softly. He looked down at Sophia and a look of pure content and peace came over him.

She was amazing and loved being around Nate. With him she calmed down, listened carefully to what he would say and was completely at ease with him. They would sit for hours conversing, him talking about everything, and her just responding in baby talk. Nate was perfect. He couldn't stand to be apart form her and me.Truth be told, we couldn't be apart from him either.  In our own way, we completed each other.  I leaned in closer to him and laid my hand on Sophia's back.  We watch Lily and Damien twirling on the dance floor.

The last four months had been a pleasant roller coaster ride. Matt recovered from his broken leg and was dating the nurse he met in hospital. Andrew was planning a vacation. Which knowing him would turn into some inspiration for a new movie.

True to his word, James stayed in the position of an Uncle, never trying to go further than that or trying to win me back. He only wanted to be a part of our lives, to get his friends back and see his daughter. I was also glad that he could be a part of Sophia's life. She would need to know where she came from as she grew up and I didn’t want her to grow up resenting him for not being there.

James' parents were also happy, because they still had the right to be grandparents. They tried to come up once a month to visit her and we drove up every second month to see them. They were the closest thing that I had to parents and the only set of grandparents that Sophia had. When they did come to visit, they ended up staying at Nate's place. I thought it would have been weird, but they like him. I think they liked his character and the way he raised Sophia. Also, they knew he would take care of Sophia with his life. Plus, James's dad bought Nate a shotgun. He handed over the gun with pride and a massive smile.

"It's for when she has her first date. Make sure you are cleaning it when the boy walks through the door. I guarantee you will never have any problems with him after that." He said.