Chapter Twenty Three

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"Ahahaha! Finally!!!" the darkness yelled. "A body! A real body will finally be mine!" he declared. With a flash of golden light, the cloud transfigured into a solid form of a tall, fiery haired man with long robes billowing from his body.

"You... you hurt my husband," Zelda said as she shakily pushed herself up onto her hands and knees. "You..." She fixed her eyes on the grinning man clothed in regal purple.

"Ha! What are you going to do about it? You can't do anything until your Triforce activates."

"You interrupted my honeymoon."

"You're worthl-"

"You threatened my sister..."

The man started to laugh. A deep, booming echo of contempt. 

"You hurt me..."

Still, he only laughed. 

"You hurt Link." Her hand shot out towards the man, and then the back of his head was on the ground. Zelda heard a noise of surprise from Link behind her but she barely registered it. She just slowly closed her fingers into a fist.

He started to shake violently as she forced him further into the ground, bending over backward, his head touching his feet as she curled him into a ball.

The newly corporeal man was now vulnerable to her power, and she was going to crush him for everything he had done to her.

Link pushed himself to his knees as he looked at his wife and then to the evil that was screeching in front of her. His eyes widened as he saw just what she was doing. What she was truly capable of. The same force he had seen from afar while in the crow's nest of Hylia.

--- Then Link's sword started to levitate from the ground. It wasn't for him though... no. It flew right past him and embedded itself in the demon's chest. ---- (LATER)

Its screams turned into laughter. "You really think that you can kill me?!!"

"I will," she said softly. She didn't yell. She didn't growl... but she didn't have to. The four daggers on her person floated from their hiding places and simultaneously embedded themselves into the laughing man.

He howled in pain once, then he laughed again. "Nice try, but it's going to take more than that to-"

Zelda flicked her wrist and the demon king flipped over on the ground, then she brought her hands together. His body started to shake again, vibrating violently, matching the intensity of her rage as she constricted him further and further into himself. His very cells were his enemies as she squeezed.


She looked over at Link.

"Zelda... stop."

She bit her lip tight enough for it to hurt. "Why?"

"Because you've beaten it. Don't kill it in cold blood."

Her gaze whipped back to the monster, and then she threw it into the wall behind it. It thumped into the ground and was shaking still.

"You heard it! It takes a lot to kill a demon king. And it got your Triforce."

"You've got one too, it appeared on your hand!"

She looked down and her eyes widened. It really had.

A deep chuckle resounded. "You're surprisingly bloodthirsty Princess was right in attacking me like that... It's the only way to stop me. But it's too late now... Now I'll have the last piece, and I will become the god of this world,"  the demon king crowed as he shuddered to his knees and held out a broken, bloody hand towards Zelda.

She felt as if some part of her soul was being ripped out of her. A bright flash of gold came from her chest, and then her piece of the Triforce was floating before her eyes. She held her hand out to it, but it started to fly away from her. She growled and grabbed it with her magic and it stopped in its tracks. "Can I obliterate him now?" she spat.

Link held up his hand. "Go," he said. He'd given the demon its chance... it wasn't going to get another one. 

Her eye flashed as she flooded the air with her magic. She grabbed her piece of the Triforce and brought it back where it belonged. Drawing on its power, she blasted the demon. The four weapons left the demon's body before flying back in. 

As a grand finale Link's sword started to levitate from the ground and it flew into his hands. Somehow he mustered the ability to run towards the man and embed the sword in the demon's chest. Its body ripped open in the front and she took the opportunity to tear out the two pieces of the Triforce he had inside of him.

As they came towards her, her piece left her body and the Triforce merged into a whole. She stared at it, and then back towards Link. His eyes were wide, and they reflected the yellow glow of the three triangles. 

Behind the Triforce the darkness stirred; chest mutilated, blood coating its new body, it staggered towards its dream...

But Zelda's hand was already on the completed wish maker.

She wished for no more demon kings.

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