Chapter 17: Ideas

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Lydia Stockwell. No wonder she seemed familiar! I must've seen her at Camp Jupiter.

"How come you're this far from the legion?" I asked. Lydia shrugged. "When I found out my mom was the goddess of magic, I recieved a Hogwarts letter and accepted it." She smiled. "Best decision of my life."

I frowned. "Not so good with me though. As usual, trouble follows me around." Then my face broke out into a smile again. "But hey, that's what makes me Percy Jackson after all!"

We both laughed.

Man, it was good to see Lydia again. Maybe I should start looking for demigods all over Hogwarts, seeing as they obviously fit in so well, the wizards won't notice a thing! It's perfect!

I looked at the daughter of Trivia. She frowned. "What?" "We're going to seek and find all the half-bloods here in Hogwarts. We can train them, and prepare them for our lifestyle."

Lydia looked surprised. "That may be your smartest idea yet, son of Neptune."

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