Decisions and the new Alpha Loup.

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I decided to change you outfit  since you got wolf ears. There is an important author note... maybe

Meanwhile in Paris
2 weeks later
Adrien P.O.V

"Hello father" I said. I just got home from school.
"You are going to be homeschooled, since (Y/n) move I have no one that I trust to go to school with."
I was frozen, I couldn't believe that he was doing that.
"Also, you will be a model for my boy section."
He is going to ruined my life.
"But, father why can't I stay? Nino is also going to sch- ."
"ENOUGH!! I said you cannot continue school. Maybe when you are older."
Without saying anything I walk up to my room. Plagg fly out of my jacket and said.
"Lets go see Alpha Loup."
I smile and said
"Plagg: claws out."

*Time skip*

When I got to the roof, I heard crying.
"Hello? Who there? "
"Sorry, Chat I *sob* I just fou*sob* nd a letter *sob* from Alpha Loup. "
"Okay, where is the note?" I question, but it was mostly Plagg.
Ladybug give me a dry paper from the rain and it said.

Dear Ladybug and Chat,

I an sorry to say that I am leaving today to go on a mission by myself.
So please continue life and protect the city.
Sorry I am leaving you.

Truly yours Alpha.

'She left u- wait no me. (Y/n) left and now her.' I thought.

"Lady i think we should try and protect the city when we are older." I said with a frown forming on my face and tears are
threatening to go down my face.
"Okay, and we should give back our miraculous back." Ladybug said. Her eyes was red and puff tears stain her cheeks.
"But do we know who give them to us?"
"... Oh yea we can throw them out the window?" she ask/said.
"Wh- wait ya okay, so this is goodbye."
She wave and jump away.
I turn around and jump home too.
When I arrived home I said.
"Plagg, I'm too young to do the hero act. I'm sorry but who is the person that give me you."
"Um someone I can't tell you." He said.
I took the ring off, and he disappeared.
I sigh and put it inside the box (that look like this.)

3rd Person

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3rd Person

The little old man name Master Fu was walking by Adrien mansion and something hit is head.
"Wayzz is this the black cat box?" He ask, but mostly said.
Let's go by Ladybugs house and find if she quit too." Wayzz said.
They walk to the bakery and right in font was the Ladybug box.
"They will forget this happed, will they?" Wayzz ask sadly.
"Yes they will."

Meanwhile in (h/t) with (Y/n)

"What?!? I will die if I take this off?" You yell at Snow.
"Yes now we need to transform."
Fine, but I'm still mad.
Snow: active howl"

You snap your fingers and a crystal-blue suit that cover all your body. You have a white lace scaf around your neck and mouth. You still have you wolf ears and tail. Midnight/ocean  blue eyes. No mask.

You ran to stop the robbery and a police officer ask you.
"Who are you?"
You smile and said
"I'm Alpha Loup, and I guess I will protect the city from danger."
You necklace beep and you left.

Sorry I took so long I was in Disneyland.

Next chapter: Forgotten

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