Chapter 1

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What time is it I ask myself I look at the clock and I see its 6:40 I have 20 minutes to get ready and be at school. I rush to the bathroom and take a quick shower. I rush out and put on a 21 Pilots t-shirt and some leggings and rush out the door. I get my bike and rush down the road. The fact that I still have this bike is a miracle usually the kids at school will steal it or my aunt would take it away. I pull into the parking lot with 5 minutes to spare lock my bike and rush to class. Sitting at my seat I silently pray to whatever deity is out there that today would go smoothly. But as fate would have it i'm not a lucky person. "He" gets a smirk on his face and walks over to me" Hey Mila how are you today" I simply decide ignore him he snaps his fingers in my face "Hey freak I'm talking to you." I slowly turn to him and say " Good morning Andrew how are you." Now those are manners Mila you should use them more often." Giggles erupt around the classroom. And I thank what ever God there is because at rhat moment the teacher walks in. " Mr. Thomson please have a seat. "Now class we have to discuss your final project for this class and it counts for 30% of your grade, so I have the list of partners right here so lets begin." People starts dapping their friends and others groaned at the possibility of having me as a partner. "---Kyla Bopan and Christian Smith, Layla Prince and Shawn Kim, Mila Sanchez and Andrew Thomson. "WHAT?!" Is there a problem Mr. Thomson?" Mr. Kyle said with a raised eyebrow. "Yes there is why did you give me the worst person". Wow that stung a little bit. "Andrew I can assure you Ms. Sanchez is very bright that is one of the reasons I paired you with her and you also need the grade". And at that moment the bell rang signaling the end of the period and with that Andrew rushed out the room. As I went into the hallway I was pulled into a room and next thing you know i'm being hit the pain was excruciating I looked into the face of my attacker and I see Kevin Sing Andrew's Best Friend. "No one likes you so why don't you just kill yourself." I couldn't hear anything I was like I was underwater. My vision starts to blur and the last thing a see is someone push Kevin off of me and the most beautiful blue eyes.

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