Chapter 25

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(Damien POV)

Yall Dont Know Me Yet But One Thing Yall Do Know Is That Im Tays Ex..

I Watched As She Walked Up To Her House, I Was Sitting On Her Porch Waiting For Her To Come From Work. I Would've Went To Her Job But I Dont Know...

"Hey" I Said. I Guess I Startled Tay Cause She Jumped And Dropped Everything That She Held...

"Oh Shit Im Sorry" I Said As I Hurriedly Walked Up To Her Then Picked Her Things Up.

"Fuck Damien" She Said As She Looked At Her Screen. "Look What You Did?" She Said In A Sad Toddler Voice.

I Swear She Be Switching Moods And Voices... Thats One Of The Reason Why I Used To Love Getting Her Mad She So Adorable Her Short Self...

"Im Sorry" I Said To Her. Her Phone Was Shattered Cause It Fell On The Concrete Floor Face Down And On Top Of That She Has No Case. "But I'll Fix It For You" I Added.

"Nawl It's Okay" She Said.

"I Insist" I Said.

"Alright" She Said.

"You Have Like 4 Cars Tay And Yet Your Walking?" I Said As We Got Into The House.

"You Of All People Should Know I Like To Walk" Tay Said And She's Right.

"Yeah I Know... And You Love To Run" I Said.

"Atlease You Know" She Said.

"Remember You Made Me Chase You Through The Rain And Over Mountains For Your Ass" I Said.

"Mountains?" She Said. "Now Rain I Remember That" She Laughed. "You Were Really Persistent" She Added. "I Just Wanted To See How Much" She Said.

"Ofcourse..." I Said As I Took A Seat Next To Her On The Couch. "I Mean I Had To Have You" I Added.

Me And Tay Was Together Since The Beginning Of College. We Meet At The College Tour... My Clumsiness Helped Me Alot... I Bumped Into Her Knocking Her Coffee All Over Her White Shirt She Was Furious And I Just Smiled At Her Cause I Found It Cute... At The Time I Had A Extra Shirt In My Car And I Gave It To Her I Washed Her Shirt And Took Down Her Number And Later Returned It... Weeks After We Started Talking I Remember It Was Sunny One Second Then It Was Raining... We Were Walking In The Park Right When I Was Gone Ask Her To Be Mines It Started Pouring And She Told Me "Catch Me Then You'll Get Me" Then She Started Running... I Didnt Wanna Run At First I Mean It Was Raining... But Hey If You Want Something You Gotta Go Get It Right And Thats What I Did... We Even Shared Our First Kiss Under The Rain... Good Times Good Times

"When?" Tay Asked Interrupting My Flashback.

"When What?" I Asked.

"When You Gone Fix My Phone?" She Asked Me.

"Exactly One Week From Now" I Said.

"What You Gotta Come Upon A Pay Check?" I Asked Him.

"No I Gotta Figure Out What Ima Wear? Where Ima Take You After? And How Our Day Gone Go" He Said. "Plus You Know If I Wanted To I Could've Took You Tomorrow" He Added.

"You Got It Like That?" She Joked.

"Now Tay You Know I Got It Like That" I Said.

Just Like Tay Got It... I Got It Like That To...

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