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Yeah, I swear I fall in love
With every gorgeous face
Can't tell when it's for real
Or if it's only for the chase
Never poor mistakes
Always sure to win this race
And she was starin' like it was no one else up in this place
I was in a club, and some hot guy came in and grabbed a drink. He paid for it and looked around, I turned around and talked with my squad." Hey, that boy is staring at you." (BFF/N) said nudging her head towards him. I looked over my shoulder and saw him sipping his drink and staring at me. He licked his lips and smirked.
"Oh god. He's probably looking at (F/N) (friend's name). She's prettier than me." She laughed and put her hand gently in my shoulder," Maybe in his point of view, you're a hot chick." I laughed," Oh wow th-" "Oh my freckin god he's coming your way!!!" My eyes widened and I looked back at him, he was about two feet away from me," U-um, I have to pee!" I ran with (BFF/N) to the bathroom. He pouted and walked back to his seat staring at the restroom waiting for me to come back out.
Gerald's POV
I walked into a club and saw a girl staring at me, I looked a her and wiggled my eyebrows. She blushed and looked back at her squad.
I sat down and bought myself a drink, i stared at the girl and drank my drink. She looked back again, and we just stared at each other, like we were the only ones there. I licked my lips and smirked, I want her.
So I throwed one back
Ice is all that go with Jack
Goin' ham, I'm buyin' drinks
I'll mess around and blow a stack
Oh, and most of all these other fools you know is wack
I walked up to her but she ran away with her friend to the ladies' room. I pouted and walked back to my seat. I looked at the ladies' room once in a while, waiting for her to come back out.
Your POV
"What am i supposed to do?! I just ran off when he was like two fucking feet away from me. He probably thinks I'm a bitch now." I was on the verge of tears." Hey, it's ok, he probably thinks you just pissed yourself cause he was so hot." We both broke out laughing." Oh yeah definitely." I said laughing.
We walked out and I pretended to talk about a really insteresting topic. All I talked about was peinguins. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around, it was him.
"Oh h-hey." I stuttered, damn he's hotter close up. He smiled," I'm Gerald. Gerald Gillum." "(Y/N) (Y/L/N)." He kissed my cheek," You're really pretty. How old are you?" "U-uh 25 years old." "26." We both smiled. He grabbed my hand and put a piece of paper in it then held his fan in mine kissing it gently. He winked and said," You're mine."

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