10 years later

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"Carson, wake up sweetie. It's time to get up for school," my mom says as she wakes me from my dream.
"Mom, can I skip today?" I ask hoping she'll allow me to stay.
"Schools almost out and you've already missed to many days already," she says to me as she gets up and walks out of my room. Why are parents so consistent all the time?

I get up and put on a red top and some white and blue short shorts and my white vans. (Picture on the side)
I walk down stairs after applying a small amount of make up. My mom is standing over the stove cooking breakfast.
"It's almost done, sweetheart," my mom says to me as I sit at the table.

I get my phone out of my back pocket and turn it on, unlocking it to reveal my Teen Wolf home screen. I go on Twitter for the remaining time the food is cooking.

Before long my mom sets a plate of eggs, toast, and bacon in front of me. "Thanks mom," I say with a smile.
"Anytime sweetie," my mom smiles to me.
Then, I get a message.
Can't wait to see you best friend :)
I smile, knowing it's Jack. Well, good morning to you too :) I reply.
"Sweetie, when will I get to meet this guy you've been friends with since you started school?" My mom asks.
"Well mom, when do you want to meet him?" I ask as I bite my lower lip. Something I tend to do when I'm nervous.
"When he becomes more than just a friend," my mom says calmly, making me almost choke on my breakfast.
"Mom, it's nothing like that," I reply.
"Carson I was your age once too ya know. I can tell when things start to get serious when he text you every morning, and you reply with a smile. Always. You could be having the worst day, he'll text you and then your smiling the rest of the day," she says with a slight smile.
"Again, it's nothing like that mom," I say. To be honest, I've had to tell myself that I don't have feelings for him every day for that passed year.
"Whatever you say sweetheart," my mom says with a smile.

I finish my breakfast and give my mom a hug.
"Have a good day," she says.
"You too," I reply as I get my skateboard and begin riding to the school. It's only a few blocks from my house, and Jack usually rides with me too.

Just then I feel someone push me lightly from behind. I giggle as I turn, and Jack is smiling on his skateboard.

"I could of died," I say to him holding back a smile.
"I wouldn't let that happen," he says as he looks at me with seriousness written clear on his face, and in his voice.

Soon we get to the school.
"Well ill see you when you get out," Jack smiles to me.
"I have a question." I say, " why haven't you aged since the day we met?" I ask.
"Because I'm not supposed to age," is all he says and he rides away.

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