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The wooden door flung open, smashing into the wall behind it and I jolted awake, backing myself as far into the wall as I could go. My eyes narrowed at the man stood in the doorway and I swallowed the lump in my throat, determined to show him I wasn't scared. I really was, I'm petrified. I'd learned the hard way to never show fear to men like Trevor and DC Jones. They thrived off it, it's what fuelled them to carry out their evil actions. Others need oxygen to survive, not these kind of people. They lived off fear, it's what kept their hearts beating.

"I was having a rather pleasant dream, do you mind shutting the door on your way out so I can go back to it?"

The sarcasm dripped from my every word.

Jones' dark eyes narrowed and pierced straight through me seeing every scar, every insecurity. His lips twitched, knowing he was making me uncomfortable. Asshole.

I sighed dramatically, facing away from him. I rested my head on my arms once again, my throat had been dry for hours and now felt as rough as Trish after a long boozy weekend.

I'm too proud and stubborn to ask him for a drink, I wouldn't dare ask him for anything. He'd completely ignored my screams for help and I had given up on the idea of anyone else hearing my pleas. The only sounds that could be heard around here was his steps and the occasional creak of the floorboards.

"Do you want something to eat Emily?" He broke the silence between us, walking a few steps towards me.

"Don't come any closer!" I warned, snapping at him. He laughed at my words, his head falling back slightly as he did so.

"If you haven't already realised darling, you're the one tied up, not me."

I ignored his words, turning to face the dull wall. My throat throbbed painfully and I tried to hydrate it using my own saliva. It'd completely dried out and I felt severely dehydrated to the point I wanted to be sick.

"Water," I croaked out, squeezing my eyes shut tightly. I refused to look at him, my captor. I heard him leave the room for a few minutes before entering it again. He walked towards me and my body stiffened from having his presence near me. DC Jones bent down till he was at my level.

"Turn around."

I obeyed, hating the way I felt like a victim. He held a glass of water in his hand and he brought it closer to my lips, allowing me to take a sip of it. I swallowed the cool liquid greedily and leaned forward for another drink.

"How about you take these ropes off my hands so I can drink it myself?" I asked before taking another large gulp. Half of the water missed my mouth and ended up down my chin and I squeezed my eyes shut, embarrassed at the state I was in.

"I'm not stupid Emily." DC Jones sighed, placing the empty glass down next to me. He stood and walked over to the wooden chair in the corner of the room. I narrowed my eyes as he lowered himself down, taking a seat.

"Why have you done this to me?"

"Because there's no other way." DC Jones shook his head sadly, his eyes filling with remorse. I frowned, clearly not understanding what was going on here.

"No other way for what? Who are you? Let me go!" I yelled, my patience running out.

I struggled against the rope and a tear of frustration slid down my cheek followed by another. Soon enough I was full on sobbing, my chest heaving heavily up and down. DC Jones walked over to my side and raised his hand. This is it.

I immediately freeze, my breath caught in my throat. His hand came down and instead of hitting me which was my original thought, he stroked the top of my hair soothingly. I stiffened and moved my head as far away from his as I could. His touch made me feel sick to my stomach.

He noticed my hostility towards him and stiffened up. I breathed a sigh of relief as he took a few steps backwards.

"I'll get the police, they'll lock you up for this," I hissed, hating the man with every bone in my body. DC Jones looked at me as if I had grown two heads before he burst out laughing, the evil glint in his eyes shimmering away. He clutched at his stomach before bending over, laughing hysterically whilst I watched him in silence, dumbfounded at how messed up this man is.

"Oh honey, you crack me up. I am the police."

My heart dropped as I realised he was right - he is the police. The police couldn't help me. No-one could help me. I was screwed, well and truly screwed.

"Please, just let me go. I'll do anything." I pleaded, fearing for my life now more than ever.

"I'm never going to let you go Emily, not again. Never again."

"Please!" I begged, lunging towards him. I was immediately pulled back as the stinging pain in my foot caused me to stumble backwards, slamming my back into the metal frame of the bed.

"I want to go home!" I cried harder, the tears falling fast. I was cold, tired, hungry, scared, hurt and above all, I miss Jake like crazy. The empty void in my heart and stomach was causing me to go crazy. I miss his touch, his safe scent. I miss him.

"But Emily, you are home," Jones replied, cupping my chin in his hands, forcing me to look at him. I stopped crying as I stared hatefully into the eyes of the man that I loath.

"This isn't my home, you sick bastard!"

"Yes it is!" he snapped back, his eyes turning a dark shade of blue with fury.

"You belong with me!" he added, dropping my chin before walking away from me towards the door. Before he could leave, he turned back around, the same murderous glint in his eye.

"You belong with your father."

He slammed the door shut, leaving me alone on the floor once more. His words rang loudly through my ears, stabbing my chest over and over again, making it hard to breathe. I shook my head repeatedly, refusing to believe him.

How can it be?

He's my father.

DC Jones is my father.

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