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((Your POV))

Max pressed his lips against mine once again, but then we heard the sounds of a camera.

Max pulled away and saw a young women with long black hair and glasses

"J-J-JESS?! W-what are you doing here?!" he asked.

She was the one taking pictures.

"Oh I came for some cat stuff I let Ross borrow that I needed, then I saw you two!" she said

"You better not post those anywhere!" he exclaimed, trying to grab the camera from her

"Max...have you met me? I'm posting these EVERYWHERE!!! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, even YouTube!!" she said holding the camera up in the air

"Wait...YOUTUBE?!" Max yelled

"Yep! I'm also vlogging for Adam's Channel right now and I caught the kiss on video!"

"Well it's not like we're dating or anything..I was just trying to help her feel better.." Max said crossing his arms

"I font care! I ship you two! Wait..who is this girl anyway?" she asked putting the camera in my face

"I'm (Y/N) or (Yt/N)" I explained

"I'm Jess! Or Aphmau. Okay random question time! Do you wish you were dating Max?!" she asked

"Uh..Um.." I looked over at Max who looked like he wanted me to say yes

I wanted to say yes..but Max was RIGHT THERE!

"It's a yes or no question" Jess reminded me

"K-Kinda.." I said as Max's face lit up in surprise

"I's a YES or NO question. Kinda isn't an option!" Jess said

"Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes..!" I said as Max looked at me in surprise

"I ship it! #(S/N)" she said jumping up and down

(QTD: What is your ship name with max?)

Max and I blushed. People were shipping us already?!

"When are you asking her out?" Jess asked Max as his face grew a darker red

"I don't know.." he replied

"OMG!! YOU MIGHT ACTALLY ASK HER OUT?!" Jess yelled in excitement

"M-Maybe..?" he said looking at me as I felt my cheeks getting warmer

"EEEEK!!!" Jess fangirled

I couldn't believe it...he said he might ask me out?! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!

((Jess' POV))

I was fangirling SOOO much after Max said he might ask  her out. It was obvious that they liked each other! I mean they DID kiss after all. And I have proof!

Once he asks her out I'm taking (Y/N) shopping and telling her A LOT of stuff about Max! Like his likes and dislikes, Just so she knows.

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