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I removed the mask, I saw..


"Oh. My. Goddess." This was all to much. What the hell? "As your future Alpha, I command you to tell me what the fuck is going on."

My tone was what you would say as 'scary 'calm'. I guess my eyes were amber gold, meaning that my wolf was on edge, and ready to come out.

"It wasn't my idea," Ronnie starts.

"What wasn't your 'idea'? I ask impatiently. "

"Well you know how your dad is on that alpha business trip?"

I nod my head to show that I'm listening.

"He asked me to pretend that rogues are attacking, to see if you were worthy of the alpha position.

So I said 'Why me? Don't you have your Beta to do shit for you?' Then he said 'Ronald, if you're really are loyal to this pack, you would do this simple task for me'. And it was hard to refuse, 'cause he's my alpha. So, here I am now."

"Oh my Goddess, Ronnie! Why would you listen to him!" I yell, releasing him.

"Um hello Jade. He's an alpha. And also my uncle." He says, acting like I can't see the point that he's making.

I pinch the bridge of my nose. "You know what, it was just a drill. No one got hurt except that guy I threw into the wall, and the one I stabbed. Oh yeah, you might want to check on them."

With that, I walked out the dining room, and walked up to Sam's room. I hear her mumbling softly to something, or someone. I peek in the room, hearing bits of conversation. Samantha's back is turned.

"...what do you mean I can't tell her? She's my best friend!" Samantha whisper yells into her iPhone 6 Plus.

Okay..she's talking about me...

"Elliot. Do you know this is the biggest secret I ever kept from anyone? Let alone Jade?!" Her voice cracks at the end. What is she talking about. I think.

Get a fucking clue! Peyton growls in my head.

What the actual fuck has gotten into you! I growl back. She doesn't answer.

Samantha is pregnant. Peyton mumbles back, in my head.

Her voice is barely a whisper. Stop screwing with me. I reply back.

Jade, I'm not playing! I'm serious! You have to listen to me! She pleads.

I, don't have to do anything, I reply back, cutting the mind link.

I didn't realize that Samantha had hung up with this 'Elliot' guy, and is rubbing her belly.

"Oh baby," she murmurs softly. "What am I doing to do with you?"

No, she can't be pregnant!

I walk down the stairs, and see Ronnie. "Ronnie. I need you to do a report in a werewolf named 'Elliot'. I don't know his last name."

Before he can reply, I walk out the back door.

I feel something lick my ankle. I ignore it. It does it again. "Oh hey.." I don't see anything.

Then it licks me again. Me being a dumb ass, I still didn't get the clue until it starts barking. "Beauty!"

Beauty and Beast were the Summers' two dogs.

"Where's Beast?" She starts whimpering in reply. "Well find him." I search around thee house for fifteen minutes.

"We can look for him after we go for a walk. I doubt Samantha took you for your daily walk." I open the back door.

And see Samuel, Samantha's twin brother outside with his homies, and next to him was Beast. All the boys stared at me.

"Hey Sam, did you take the dogs for their walk?" I attempt a conversation. And then I see him. Him.


This is my shortest chapter yet, but I promise the next one will be more exciting.

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