(17) 16 yr old + new dimension + new bf = trouble

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"Jake!" I squealed, as he started peppering kisses all over my face and neck. In public!

I thought me becoming his girlfriend would be enough. But no! He had to mark his territory. I wasn't even his property!

He looked up at me and pouted. Aww! No! It won't work this time!

"Could you please not do this in public Jake?" I hissed. He kept pouting and whispered, "Now that you're finally mine, I have to keep you to myself!"

I groaned but that just made him chuckle. He continued kissing my neck and I didn't bother do anything to stop him. Plus it felt nice.

What? Don't blame me for being so soft. Plus he was kissing the soft spot at the back of my neck.

I could feel Craig's glare from the back of the coach. Serves him right for cheating on me like that!

Knowing he would be watching I turned in Jakes arms and gave him a full on kiss.

He immediately responded and we kissed for a few minutes before letting go of each other.

I looked back and saw Craig fuming a few seats behind us with some blonde chick. I smirked at him and turned back, leaning my head in Jake's chest.

Yeah, I know. I'm totally evil. But he did deserve it for doing that to me!

I woke up to the coach stopping in front of the hotel. We all piled out and I was making my way to Jake's room when somebody pulled me back.

I turned to face Craig holding my wrist. I snatched my wrist back and carried on walking. He just grabbed it again.

This time though Jake saw and freed my hand but held Craig's hand and I could see he was twisting it. "Jake, stop." I said to him, holding his arm.

He looked at me and let go, giving Craig one last glare. "What do you want Craig?" I demanded before Jake could say anything.

"I need to talk to you, in private." He added. "You can say whatever you want in front of Jake." I said.

"I want you back." He said bluntly. I could feel the anger rising inside of me. I think Jake sensed this so he pushed me lightly behind him and said to Craig. "Too bad bruv, cos now she's got me now. I don't cheat." He said, poison dripping from his voice.

"At least I'm no player!"

"At least I know when a girl is worth it and Kristi is definitely worth it. Can't believe you were so stupid. Ah, well, your loss my gain."

Jake shrugged, wrapping an arm around me protectively.

Craig's face tightened and before I could do anything he had punched Jake Square in the face. I gasped but Jake was fast to recover. He pushed me behind him again and punched Craig back.

I tried to hold him back but he was real strong. Damn! My boy is fit! No! Wrong time to think of that. Someone will get hurt.

I looked around. Just some dorks witnessing the fight. I rolled my eyes at their stupidity. Where are the teachers when you need them??

Craig now had a split lip, a black eye and cuts all over his face. Jake had a bruise forming on the side of his face, a few cuts but what troubled me was the really big cut across the side of his face.

"Jake! Please stop!" I yelled at him. "For my sake! Please!" I added.

He stopped mid-punch. Yeah, now he stops! I dragged him back to his room and sat him down on his bed.

I went to the bathroom, wet a towel and got some antiseptic. I found Jake with his face scrunched up.