(16) 16 yr old + new dimension + new bf = trouble

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I grabbed a sandwich and an apple and headed for the park .I always liked the park. I don't know why, but it sort of calmed me down.

I went to the nearest bench and sat down, taking a bite in to my prawn mayonnaise sandwich. I looked around at my surroundings.

Flower beds were growing different coloured tulips and roses. The sun was lazing in the sky and the sky a pale blue.

It would have been the perfect weather if it was a different situation. Craig. How could he do this to me?

I had finished my sandwich and didn't feel like eating my apple. A little baby was crying in a pushchair while her mother was trying to quiet her down.

I went over to her and said gently, "Do you want this apple, honey?" As I gently pushed the apple into her hands.

She looked up at me with adorable blue eyes. "Fan you." She tried to say thank you but it came out wrong. So cute!

I smiled at her and waved when her mother smiled at me, relieved she had stopped crying.

"That was nice of you," A deep voice said from behind me. I turned around. Surprise, surprise, it was Jake!

"What do you want Jake?" I sighed. He was so desperate. He had his fair share of girls, so why was he pestering me?

"Ouch! That wasn't a nice remark!" He said, feigning hurt, putting his hand on his heart. I rolled my eyes and sat down on the bench.

"Couldn't you just leave me alone? I have enough on my plate as it is." I said, my eyes closed.

I could feel him sitting down next to me and saying, "I'm here to make it all better!" I turned to look at him.

"Oh really? How's that then?" I asked him, sarcasm dripping from my voice. "By doing this." And before I could say anything he closed the distance between us.

His lips massaged mine and this time I gave into his kiss. His kiss went from soft and gentle to lustful and wanting. I broke apart from him, panting, my forehead resting on his.

"I really .... Like you ....Kristi. I really.... do." Jake said, between breaths. I looked into his eyes and saw pure sincerity. I thought for a minute and said slowly, "I like you too."

His eyes lit up as I said this. He seemed to have caught his breath. "Soo.... will you be my girlfriend?" I bit my lip. I knew it would come to this someday, but not right after breaking up with Craig.

"I-I don't know." I admitted. Seeing the defeat in his eyes made me deflate. "Fine, I'm your girlfriend." I said, without even thinking.

His eyes widened and he grinned. Not like he usually did but the way a kid would do if he found out he had won ten years worth of chocolate.

He kissed me again and this time I didn't object. Because now I was his girlfriend. Jake's girlfriend.

It was so weird. Minutes ago I had kneed him because he kissed me and now I was his girlfriend. Funny how the world works.

I just hope he doesn't turn out like his brother Craig. Now what was I going to do about him.......


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