Chapter 24 | The Home Stead

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~ Here is almost 6k Chapter! *please excuse any errors, I wrote it well into the wee hours of the morning lol*
We've got some mystery, some fluff, and some angst... And I really hope you like it! :3

Rolling green hills are exposed by the headlights as Killian slowly drives down the long paved driveway, pink cherry blossom trees lining the road until it opens up into a small area for parking in front of a large garage.

"Can I help ya Sonny?" An older man calls, wiping his hands on a greasy rag; marred with black stains. A black and white border collie trotting out behind him, barking once before the man hushes him. "Hush now Rex, we've been over this... thats not polite." He mutters downward to his dog, who immediately sits and looks from his master, to Killian then back again.

Killian steps out from the car, nodding to the man. "Aye, I was interested in procuring a room if you had any available. We're looking for a place to rest for a night or two."

"Ah yes, Come in, come in. We'll go see what Mrs.Opal has available for you." The cheerful man calls, his grey curls sticking out from under his leather cap. As he hobbles to the farm house, waving for Killian to follow him with a welcoming grin stretching his face.

Killian thinks about leaving Emma asleep in the car for a minute, but what if she wakes up sick again or she doesn't know where she is? He's probably over thinking this, but he sods it all to hell as he slowly and carefully scoops her up into his arms. She snuggles into him deeper and he doesn't regret anything. The chilling night air blows around them, He re-adjusts his hold on her so she's more comfortable before following after the older man.

"Look what the cat drug in Opal." The man calls to his wife as he leads Killian into the house, opening the front door for him as Killian carries Emma in bridal style. The old man wiping his feet vigorously on the welcome mat waiting for his wife to come around the kitchen corner.

The inside of the Farm house is quaint, and older. Cluttered with nic-nacs scattered around the room that the couple more than likely cherished, with a story laying behind each one. Mauve green walls and brown tattered Curtains adorned the small house.

Killian assumes the woman who comes around the corner is none other than Mrs.Opal, her grey hair wrapped up neatly in a bun and a floral apron tied around her skirted waist. "Oh you poor dears, Your lucky so you are!" She says "Not even a half hour ago I had two backpackers at the door wanting a room." Her duller green eyes shift disapprovingly to her husband whose leaning against the back of a dinning room chair smoking his pipe.
A scowl came acrossed her wrinkled features slowly... "But they weren't married. Admitted it Right out in front of me -No shame!" Mrs.Opal huffs, "So I sent them packing, Right is right." She nods, gaining an approving one from her husband in the process. "So," She starts, her deep voice picking up a cheerful tone. "It's Mr. & Misses -?"

Bloody hell.. "Uh, Callahan." Killian supplies,

"What an unusual name." She says, tilting her head.

"I come from a long, long line of Irish Callahans...." She's not buying it... Sell it killian sell it. "And Emma here," he gestures to her with his head since his arms are wrapped under her legs and supporting her back. "... My wife," he croaks out "And I are praying we'll have a son one day to keep the name going." He corners of his mouth turn up as he watches carefully to see if he sold it.

"Ohhohoh! How lovely, you two newly weds are so adorable... Don't think you can hide it from me Sonny, I can spot young love a mile away. Isn't that right Clyde?"

Clyde, Hmph. Just like that fellow Emma tried to compare me to all those weeks ago.

"And Your nearly blushing my boy! Now, let's go get you and your sleeping beauty up into a room shall we?" She gestures for him to follow her up the rickety staircase, family pictures scatter the walls in old frames.  Emma hides a content smile against Killian's shoulder as she snuggles into his hold, still unconscious and her mind probably swimming with alcohol.

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