(13) 16 yr old + new dimension + new bf = trouble

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I took a quick shower and changed into a baby pink sun dress since it was pretty hot. I took the lift to the lobby of the hotel and sat down on the sofas there and waited.

After a couple of minutes Craig came down, his hair kind of messed up. I wonder how he managed to do that, oh well. He sat down next to me and gave me a peck. He seemed kind of distant.

Everyone else came down and we all waited and chatted together until everyone came down. The coach driver called us out and we saw a coach.... without the roof!

I looked at it in disbelief. You know you get those buses in London where there's no roof and people are giving you a tour? It was exactly like that except it was a white coach. We were about to climb on when the coach driver stopped us.

"I have to seat you all in a seating plan because Mrs Richards knows how much noise you make so we are seating you in a boy girl seating plan." He said, little did he know that that would just make us talk louder!

He pulled out a clipboard and started calling out names, I wasn't really concentrating, thinking that I would get Craig when I think hell had opened up and swallowed me. "....Kristine with Jake...."

I started choking on my spit. Stacy, being the nearest to me, banged me on the back till I stopped coughing.

I looked up to see everyone either looking amused or fuming, the fuming mostly from the girls who were hoping to get Jake as a partner. They can have him if they want him! I'm in no rush to sit with him!

I looked up to see Jake standing on the stair smirking at me. I rolled my eyes and followed him. Notice how much I roll my eyes around him.

We got a seat second to the front, a perfect view of everything. If only I had the perfect view of the perfect guy. I looked around to see Craig with some other girl. He caught my gaze and shrugged at me.

I looked back at Jake and saw he was looking at me. I looked at him confused and just looked out as the coach started.


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