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(9) 16 yr old + new dimension + new bf = trouble

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The queen was dead now and I was the new one. Craig was gently rocking me, probably knowing how I felt. I was so confused. There's school to worry about and my mum and everything. How was I going to manage? It hurt my head to think about it so I thought about Craig instead. He was my fiancé now. Fiancé. I liked the sound of that. But I'm only sixteen. What about the rest of my life. The crowd around us soon dispersed and we were soon left with me, Craig and Jasper. Jasper had a scowl on his face and when I asked the reason he just walked out of the room. I was more confused then ever now. Was it because I was queen? So many questions but no answers. Craig got up and pulled me up with him. He let go of me but still held my hand. We walked back to the hall with the glass walls and Craig held out his hand and the black hole appeared again. I took a deep breath and walked in. What was I going to do....?

We fell out of the black hole back at the dorm, well, I fell out, Craig just stepped out and before I could hit the ground I felt Craig's strong arm around my waist. We stayed like that for a few seconds. His eyes were still blue and at this time I think mine were green. Stacy was standing near her bed engrossed in choosing what to wear tomorrow. Even though there's not much of a choice! She looked up when the black hole appeared and she didn't look at all surprised! Did she know about Kristara? I blushed when I realized she was watching.

Craig's Pov:

I stepped out of the black hole as Kristi stumbled out. She was about to fall when I caught her by the waist. I looked into her now green eyes, she was so beautiful I'm shocked she doesn't know it. I hope she's happy about this marriage, but then again, girls would die to go out with me so I hope that won't be a problem. I'm not being self-centered but it's true. But no girl could compare to Kristi. Not only because she was beautiful. She was nothing like those plastic blonde bimbos. She suddenly blushed and stood up. Confused, I looked around and saw Stacy grinning at us. I rolled my eyes. Typical of Stacy!

Stacy's Pov:

Aww! They were so cute! They are like made for each other! Kristi blushed when she felt my gaze and went straight to her wardrobe. I followed her in and closed the door. "Soo, how'd it go?" I asked. She looked at me and I was surprised by what I saw. "You know about Kristara?" She almost shouted. She looked really mad, even though I have no idea why. "Um, yeah," I answered, not sure where this was leading. She let a deep breath and ran her fingers through her hair. "What am I going to do?" She asked me looking at the bangles on her arms. She looked desperate but I'm not sure why. "I have to marry Craig and I'm only sixteen and what about my education my mum a job..."I covered her mouth with my hand. "Kristi, you are so funny sometimes. You're not going to marry Craig." I told her, rolling my eyes. Apparently Craig still hasn't told her. Silly stupid Craig! "Huh?" She said, bemused. I could've burst out laughing! "You're BETROTHED to him. Not married. You're going to get married when you're both eighteen!"

I could see the tension releasing from her face. "Oh, God! Why does this only happen to me?!" She yelled to the ceiling. "You don't want to get married to Craig?" I asked her, she was mental to not want to marry him. I only liked him as a friend but he was a perfect fit for her. She sighed unhappily. "I don't know! I'm so confused. One part of my mind is telling me that I should marry him and go to Kristara and the other is telling me to stay here and live a normal life!" I went up to her and gave a sisterly hug, she gave gratefully hugged me back. "You do realize that if you decide to stay here you will NEVER live a normal life, right?" Another bemused look crossed her face.

Kristi's Pov:

"What do you mean?" I was already really confused and Stacy was only making it worse. "When a destined Queen refuses the older Queen comes into her dreams and tries to persuade her and daily life experiences turn into difficult obstacles." She explained. "So you mean to say that I have no choice but to marry Craig and be the Queen of Kristara?!" I groaned loudly. "Well, actually, it's only the Queen bit. You can choose who you want to marry." I let out a groan and practically stomped outside. Craig was sitting on his bed sorting some pencils and pens out. He gave me an awkward smile when he saw me. I think he overheard Stacy and my conversation. He beckoned me over and I sat next to him on his bed. "What have you decided?" He asked, looking at me uneasily. I took a deep breath, "I'll marry you." The words slipped out of my mouth before I had a chance to stop them. "Are you happy about it?" He asked. I thought for a minute. "I-I think I am." I said slowly. I couldn't believe what I just said and apparently neither could he.

He caught me in a tight hug and I was immediately enveloped in his scent. He let go of me and cupped my face in his hands, our foreheads and noses touching and whispered, "Don't worry. I won't let you regret this." I smiled at him gratefully and in return he kissed me. His hands were now in my hair and mine were wrapped around his neck pulling him closer. I let go of him unwillingly for air and we just looked at each other and grinned. I think this just might work. Now about everything else.....


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