(8) 16 yr old + new dimension + new bf = trouble

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Multi-colours were swirling around me but I wasn't dizzy for some reason. It didn't seem to affect Chris much either. The swirls around me slowed down and everything came to a stop. Chris stepped forward and beckoned me to come as well. We were in a room, more like a hall, with almost water like walls. You know aquariums? The walk in ones? Yep, exactly the same only there were no fishes. The floor was polished so much that you could actually see your own reflection in it. "This is the main room of the palace of Kristara." Chris said. So that was why it was so big. The hall was completely empty, but then a puff of smoke rose in the middle. It kept getting bigger and bigger until it turned into a small black hole and a young man stepped out. "Master! Oh Good God I'm glad your back. The queen is on her last breaths. Do hurry and come!" He said frantically almost running over to us. Chris grabbed my hand and pulled me with him into the black hole. It was like the first time, with the swirls but this time it was much faster.

We landed in a room with a red king sized bed in the middle. The walls had faint swirls on them, so faint you could hardly see them. The room was tensed when a loud agitated cough came from the queen. We walked over to her and I saw Craig, Jasper and some other people. The queen was lying in the middle of the bed and was pale as a sheet. Her thin hair was only greying slightly so she looked funny ill even though there was probably white hair underneath the brown. When her eyes caught mine, she waved her hand motioning me to come to her. I awkwardly walked up to her bed and sat on the edge, afraid I might ruin it. My head was low, after all, it wasn't everyday I met a queen. The queen's voice came out strangled and painful but she managed to speak. "Kristi, you are to rule Kristara, along.... alongside Craig." My head shot up at Craig's name. Did she... Did she just imply I was going to marry him?! I looked at Craig but he wouldn't meet eyes with me. I looked at Chris but he just looked thoughtful. When I looked at Jasper, his eyes were so infuriating that it was a wonder he wasn't burning, but I had no time to think of that. "Y-yes, I want you to marry him." The queen answered my unspoken question. Even in her ill state she was still very nimble with her words and thoughts.

This time she beckoned Craig over and he sat down on a chair next to the bed, still not looking at me. She lifted a fragile hand and took my hand and put it in Craig's. Craig held it and looked in my eyes. His eyes were now not chocolate brown but a lush blue and it suited him more then his brown eyes. I seemed to have lost myself in his eyes because the queen started speaking again and I nearly jumped off the bed. "I need to give you something before you become the queen." She almost whispered. A servant hurriedly came over and placed a small jewellery box on the bed. I looked at the box intently. It was somehow familiar. The flowers and the beautiful carvings of small birds were somehow breathtaking. But when the servant opened the box, I could have sworn a light opened from heaven and was shining on it. There were two silver bangles embedded with red, blue and white jewels. The queen took them out and slid one on each hand. I looked at them, astonished that they now belonged to me. Their cold touch felt astounding on my warm skin. They started to glow, at first I thought it was the light but then they were glowing so bright I had to squint to look at them. Nobody was surprised by this however. The queen looked at me and at the bangles again. "Yes, yes, you are definitely the one. They didn't glow half so much on me as they do on you." The queen murmured.

"What does this mean?" I asked quietly. "It means that you are the protector of Kristara and about time too. Kristara will be engaged in battle if somebody does not stop it, and you will be the one to stop it." The queen looked deep in my eyes. It felt as though she was searching me inside and out. "In how many colours do your eyes change?" She questioned. How did everyone know about that? "All of them, every single colour there is." I answered, a little proud of my eyes. "Will you marry Craig?" She asked me, looking at me pleadingly. I gulped, but swallowing wouldn't be much help with this question. How would I stay here and rule? What about my mother? Wouldn't anyone be worried? As if sensing my tension, the queen put her hand on my arm, "Don't worry about anything else, and just answer my question. Will you marry my nephew?" She asked me. Hold on a sec. Nephew? But that would mean....Craig was a prince! Surprised, I looked at Craig. He was looking at me worriedly, the anxiety showing clearly. I took a deep breath and hoped I wouldn't regret this.... "I'm willing to marry Craig." I closed my eyes. The bangles on my arms felt freezing against my bare arms. Craig, still holding my hand, squeezed it. I looked at him gratefully. He looked like a huge burden was lifted off his back.

The sound of heavy breathing filled the room as everyone turned to the queen, who had her eyes closed and was trying her best to speak. "Please... protect.... Kristara...until....your....death..." The queen stopped abruptly and her head lolled to one side. "The queen is no more." A grave soft voice spoke from the back of the room. I hadn't noticed anyone standing behind and it so happened that it was a priest. He was wearing a long white gown and a cross was hanging down his neck above his stomach. Somebody sobbed and some sighed deeply. I bit my lip to stop myself from crying. Craig sensed it and hugged me close to him. My hands were forming balls from Craig shirt as I started crying in his chest. He pulled me closer and I realized that we would soon be man and wife. I was sixteen and would now be the wife of Craig and the queen of Kristara. It felt like a dream but all the same it felt too real. The bangles on my arms were proof, but how was I going to go from normal teenage school girl to married sixteen yr old queen of Kristara?


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