(7) 16 yr old + new dimension + new bf = trouble

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Kristi's pov:

I was just thinking whether Kristara had anything to do with me when my phone started ringing. "Hello," I said, rubbing my temples. "Hey, honey. How you doing? You been okay over there?" My mum's voice rang in my ears. "Yeah mum, it's all good. Can I talk to you later please, I gotta do something." "Yeah, sure. Take care sweetie." "Bye." "Bye" I threw the phone next to me and rested my head in my hands. How could this be true? And why did Craig just walk out on me like that? I wonder if anyone else knew about Kristara. The door opened and I turned to see Chris and Stacy walk in with a bunch of other girls. "Hey Kristi, you wanna come shopping with us?" she asked me. "Yeah, sure, is there something specific you need to buy?" I asked her, she just gave me an 'are you dumb?' look. "What?" I asked self-consciously. "Hello! We need to buy some stuff for school. It starts in 2 days!" She said, waving her hand in front of my face as if I was spacing out. "Oh right" I said, feeling stupid.

While we were in the mall I went up to Chris and asked him straight out, "Chris, do you know of a place called Kristara." It hadn't crossed my mind that other people were listening because he hushed me and took me to a less busy corner. "Yeah, has Craig told you everything?" He asked me. I nodded my head. "Are you from there as well?" I asked him. "Yeah, I'm one of the queen's soldiers." I thought for a minute then I looked at him thoroughly. He definitely looked like one. He was wearing a white short sleeve t-shirt and his muscles were clear. "What am I?" I suddenly asked. Chris didn't say anything. "Craig didn't tell her." He muttered under his breath.

Chris's pov:

"Craig didn't tell her." I muttered under my breath. I looked around and saw that the guys were coming over, "meet me outside, in the park." I told her. She looked confused like a little girl and I could see why Craig liked her. She was by far the prettiest girl in the school and she wasn't stupid. Her blue eyes reminded you of the sea and when you looked in them it was like you were completely lost. She reminded me of my younger sister, but she died of cancer a year ago. I walked over to Stacy and took her aside. "Craig didn't tell her. Should I just tell her?" I asked her, I didn't know what to do. The Queen was on her death bed and somebody had to rule Kristara. "How is she going to react though?" Stacy asked me. "Wait a minute! Jasper!" She squealed. What? Where the hell did he come from? "What about him?" Stacy rolled her eyes, "He can tell her. After all, he's going to be ruling with her!" She almost screamed. I forgot about that. I'd just have to wait for this evening. "No, I think I'll just talk to her. She probably doesn't want to hear anything from Craig from what he told her." Stacy nodded and we carried on shopping acting as though nothing happened.

Kristi's pov:

Here I was. Waiting for Chris in the park. I kept looking at my watch and it was getting kind of cold but luckily I had my jacket. The trees were swaying and making weird whispering sounds I listened closely and it was as though they were talking to each other. I knocked my knuckles on my head. I think I'm losing it. Talking trees! When I turned around, there was Chris staring straight back at me. How the...?! How did he get here without me realising? "I have supersonic speed." He answered my unasked question. How did he do that?? "I can also read minds." Oh great. So now my mind was being raided! Chris chuckled. "Well, can you explain to me??" I asked him, I was desperate to know about Kristara. "Okay. I'm just gonna say this real quick. Kristara belongs to you our queen is on her deathbed and is waiting for you and Jasper to come because you two are the next rulers and without you Kristara is an easy invasion spot." He let out a breath. He was looking at me as though I had a bomb which would explode any second. Rapidly, he put his arm around my waist. I looked at him questioningly. "I wanna make sure you don't faint the way you did when Craig told you." If this was a plain situation, I would have laughed, but this was not a plain situation. I was the freaking queen of a freaking next world!!! Chris was smiling at me now, though he looked like he was in his own world. "What?" I asked him. "Should I show you something, Kristi? And will you promise not to faint?" He asked me. I nodded as he let go of my waist and held it out in front of him. "Kristara appear and Earth be gone!" He spoke out in a firm voice. He motioned for me to step back with his other hand, still looking at the space in front of him. A small hurricane the size of my hand started in front of him and started to widen and formed a black hole. I gasped as Chris put one foot in it and held out his hand for me. I took his hand and was sucked up into the black hole. I didn't know where I was going but I trusted Chris, he reminded me of an older brother. Wherever I was going though, I knew it was off the plant Earth....


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