(6) 16 yr old + new dimension + new bf = trouble

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I woke up in my bed feeling really hot and bothered. I turned over to see that all the beds were made. I looked at the clock and it read 2:30. I bolted out of bed. Why didn't anybody wake me up? I quickly showered and made my way to the cafeteria. I didn't feel like eating but I still managed to finish a bagel. I kept thinking about what Craig had told me yesterday before I passed out. Speaking of Craig, where was he? I walked back up to the dorm; the door was slightly ajar so I could hear who was talking inside. Craig's voice came first, "No, yes, no obviously not." He was speaking on the phone and by the look of it he looked agitated. "I told her who I was but she passed out before I could explain properly." So there was more to it? Lovely, this just keeps getting better and better! "Yeah, I'll speak to you later." As soon as he put the phone down I waltzed in. He bit his lip and looked at me with a sad look. He looked so cute! *Mental slap* No, this isn't the time. I sat down on my bed as he came over to me.

Craig's pov:

I went over to her and sat down on her bed. She didn't look at me, but I knew what she was thinking. "About last night, I didn't get to explain to you properly..." I started, but she interrupted. "There's more?!" She looked at me, bewildered. "So, as you know, I can shape shift." I continued. "I can fly; teleport and I can also enter dreams." I said, worried what she would say. "What are you then?" She asked me, this time curiosity showed in her now almost pink eyes. "I...actually, I'm not really sure what I am." I replied, now that I think about it, what am I? "All I know is I have those talents and there is another dimension where people or should I say creatures like me exist." She looked into my eyes to search for whether I was lying or not. Personally, I didn't blame her. It's not everyday your boyfriend tells you that he's from another world. She loosened up but not she was still curious. "I don't wanna sound rude, Craig but why the hell are you even telling me this? Do all of your past girlfriends know?"

Kristi's pov:

Now this was exceptionally freaky. "I don't wanna sound rude, Craig but why the hell are you even telling me this? Do all of your past girlfriends know?" I asked him. He looked at me and gave me half a smile. "The thing is, is your special." I had heard this line from loads of boys before, "Erm, yeah I've heard that before." I said lamely. "No, no. I mean you ARE special. You're from the dimension I'm from as well." I almost choked on my own spit. Another dimension? Me?? "Erm, are you sure about that? COS I SURE AS HECK AM NOT! I HAVE ONLY LIVED ON EARTH!" I shouted at him. He got up and ran his fingers through his hair. He turned to face me. "Kristi, do you have any idea why your eyes are the way they are?" He asked me. I stopped dead in my tracks. How did he know my eyes changed? I told him I wore contact lenses. "H-how do you know that?" I was feeling kind of scared now. After all, he wasn't human. He probably sensed how I was feeling because he sighed and hugged me tight. It felt good to be in his arms. But he wasn't human, so why was he here in the first place hugging me?? I pulled away from him and asked, "If you're not human, then why are you here? On Earth?" He laughed, but it wasn't a happy laugh. "The same reason you're here. I was born here." I thought for a minute, and then it struck me. He was inhuman, but he said neither was I. Then what was I? Craig seemed to know what I was thinking because he answered my unasked question, "You're like me. But I told you, you're special." He stared at me for a second and then said, "Aren't you scared?" I thought for a moment. "No, I guess I'm not. Is that normal?" I asked him, suddenly aware that I didn't get too freaked out when he told me who he was.

"How am I special?" I asked Craig. "Well, everybody who lives in Kristara have eyes which change colours, but not every colour which exists." Now that I think about, it's true, my eyes are always changing colour. "What colour do your eyes change to?" I asked. "Brown, blue and purple." He said. Then I thought about the name of the dimension, Kristara. That sounded familiar. "Hang on a second," I said abruptly. "Kristara, Kristine. That resembles my name! Does that mean anything??" I asked him frantically, annoyed that he was taking so long to answer my question. "Well?!" He looked like he didn't know what to say and he wasn't looking at me. All of a sudden he got up and walked out. He just got up and walked out. I couldn't believe him! What was this boy up to??

Craig's pov:

I walked out of the room and ran my fingers through my hair. How do I explain to someone that they need to go to another dimension because the leader has died and is now in need of another queen? How do I tell her that Kristara belongs to her? That it's named after her?!


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