(5) 16 yr old + new dimension + new bf = trouble

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Craig's pov:

I took a shower and chose something nice to wear. I decided to give Kristi a surprise today. She was everything a guy could want in a girlfriend. We didn't go on that many dates but that was fine by me. I just wanted her to be happy. I asked her about Jasper yesterday, but she just started laughing and told me that there was nothing going on between them because he was like an older brother to her. I was so glad to hear that.

If there was something going on, I don't know what I'd do. Probably end up beating him to death: if he's lucky. The only thing I'm now worried about is what she'll do when she finds out what I am. And what she herself is. I put on a top and some jeans and walked outside. She was lying on her bed listening to her iPod, she was so unaware: she looked adorable sitting there in her own world.

I went over to her and grabbed her hand and pulled her up. We walked into the lift and it was just us two. I couldn't help but put my arm around her waist and pull her closer to me. She turned to look at me and kissed me. We let go of each other as the door to the lift opened and we both grinned at each other.

Kristi's pov:

Craig told me that he had a surprise for me. I asked him what it was but he just said that I'd have to wait and see. In the evening Craig told me he had to go somewhere so I went up to the dorm. Inside I saw Stacy and Chris whispering about something. They stopped when they saw me but they were both grinning form ear to ear. "Um, why are you looking at me like that?" I asked uncertainly. Stacy just rolled her eyes and gave me a note. I opened it, it read:


Make yourself beautiful (you won't have to do much, you're already gorgeous) and meet me outside.


Stacy and Chris were waiting for me to finish reading before handing me an outfit and ordering me to change into it. Maybe this was the surprise Craig was talking about. I was dressed in a casual baby pink dress which went down above my ankle. Stacy grabbed me as soon as I got out of the bathroom and sat me down to do my makeup. Chris was busy texting vigorously to someone. Once I was ready Stacy almost pushed me out the door and whispered, "Go get him." I went inside the lift and a moment later I felt a strong hand wrap around my waist pulling me in. "Um, whoever you are, could you let go of me because I have a boyfriend." I said, pushing the guy away from me only to realize that it was Craig. I looked at him and almost fainted. He looked so handsome. He was a wearing a white buttoned up shirt with a pair of black jeans with his hair up in almost spikes and was holding his jacket. He looked cute. I immediately hugged him and he almost fell over because of my weight. He steadied himself and cupped my face in his hands and whispered, "Are you ready for your surprise?" I just nodded.

He led me outside and was holding my hand because he had blind-folded me. When he undid the blind-fold I almost gasped. We were standing in the middle of a huge park where there were tables on the outskirts and couples dancing in the middle. "Do you like it?" He asked the nervousness showing in his face. "Yes, I absolutely love it." His face and body seemed to loosen up as we went over to a table. I looked at the menu and saw how pricey they were. I asked him to order for me because I wasn't sure how much was in his budget. He ordered and we waited, watching the couples dancing. Suddenly, he took my hand and said, "I really like you Kristi, maybe even love you. I just want you to be happy." I looked into his eyes and saw pure sincerity; I couldn't help but smile at him. We got up and went over to the dance floor. There was a slow song playing and I wrapped my arms around his neck while his hands were on my waist. The music got faster and turned into a tango. I didn't realize he was such a good dancer, but luckily for him. So was I.

Craig's pov:

She was dancing with me like she had been doing this her whole life. I looked at her and she was confident beyond compare. She was really enjoying herself, and she looked happier then I'd ever seen her before. The music faded as we made our way back to our table and ate our food. We talked about what we liked and casual things until we got in an argument over which actress was better. "Selena Gomez is soooo much better then Demi Lovato!" She said. "No way! Have you seen Demi Lovato?" We continued arguing until we burst out laughing. She was so easy to talk with. I was holding myself back from kissing her but it was very difficult. We decided to take a walk through the park. She was in my arms, and now I realized. Would we always be like this after she finds out who I am? Should I tell her? She has the full right to know. "Um, Kristi?" She looked up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. I started to feel weak in the knees but I held my stance. "Can I tell you something?" I continued. She nodded. "I-I'm not a human." I blurted out. I looked into her eyes and all I saw was surprise. "What do you mean you're not human?" She asked uncertainly. This was hard to explain. "I-let me just show you." I couldn't believe I was showing her this.

Kristi's pov:

"What do you mean you're not human?" I asked him uncertainly. I didn't see where this was leading. "I-let me just show you." He said, stepping back from me. He started shimmering and glowing, suddenly, a lion sat in his place. I was about to run when Craig came back. He was looking at me nervously. "Did you just turn into a lion?" I asked, unable to believe my eyes. This was too much. Far too much. I think I blacked out because the next thing I knew Craig was carrying me back to our dorm.

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