Chapter One Hundred Twenty Three

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"Anora we can't put off the trip home, much longer. Once everyone realizes that we're engaged it's going to be a drama storm." Charlie sighed as he and Anora laid in bed one evening.

"I know, I haven't been putting it off on purpose." Anora said. "With the sanctuary being this busy and all the recruiting nonsense, I just...ugh I want to go and I don't want to go." She buried her face into a pillow.

"We're going to have be adults about this." Charlie said. "I'll tell your parents and you tell mine!"

"Ha, yeah right!" Anora laughed. "You realize that your mother is going to react a hundred times more than mine."

"My mother might be a little...over the top with certain things, but your mother is queen of dramatics!"

"No, it's just the French in her that makes it seem that way. Your mother is way more dramatic." Anora said.

Charlie pulled her into his chest. "Well, I guess we're going to have to go home and find out."

"Or you can go...and you can tell me all about it when you get back-"


She groaned before placing her head in the crook of his neck. "Fine...but I'm not telling my dad."

She immediately felt Charlie's body tense up.

She lifted her head and looked at him. "Ooooh didn't ask my dad for permission...he's going to get you!"

A lot of time had passed since Charlie had been home, and it had been quite some time since Anora had returned to discuss Order business. They didn't have the greatest of news for Dumbledore which had postponed their travels home as well. Many of the foreign wizards weren't looking to join a battle that wasn't being fought on their soil.

Fortunately, they did find some support in the wizards that worked on the reserve including Magnus and Sebastian. Also, Anora was quite certain they would be able to have the alliance with the dragons if needed, at least, Roscoe and Norberta.

"You two will be fine." Magnus reassured them as he saw the worried look on Anora's face as she stood outside in the field one morning. "Roscoe and Norberta will be fine as well. We will see after them, won't we Sebastian?"

Sebastian glanced up from his mixing herbs. "Sure...I'll watch them...from a distance. A safe distance." he said.

"I'm not worried about them. I'm worried about my parents killing Charlie and his family killing me. They didn't even know we were dating."

"This should come as good news to them. After all that had been taken place back home, they should all be relieved to have some good news."

Anora knew there was some truth to Magnus' words, a lot had taken place since Anora left. Attacks at the Ministry, Sirius almost dying, the twins opening their own shop and moving out on their own...Charlie and Anora had been away from home for too long.

"You both should spend some time home, don't worry about the sanctuary. It'll keep running once you two are gone."

"Charlie, we're apparating." Anora said folding her arms.

"But I don't want to!" Charlie whined from the other room. They were packed and ready to go, with Iggy rested on Anora's shoulder.

"We're not taking the trains home, it would take far too long."

"But..." Charlie went to argue as he came into view.

"No." she told him.

"I'm not apparating!"

"Then let me do it, and you just hold on!"

"No! It makes me queasy! You won't like me when I'm queasy!"

"I thought we were going to be adult about this."

"Not today!" Charlie sat down in defiance on the floor.

"Charlie, sitting down won't stop be from apparating with you."

He looked away from her like an angry child throwing a tantrum.

"You know..." Anora said walking over to him. "The sooner we leave, the sooner you can get home and your mother can make you those muffins you like so much."

It seemed to gather his interest enough to contemplate the idea.

"She's going to shove a muffin down my throat once she finds out we're engaged."

"Sounds like a perfect way for you to go then, Captain Muffin."

Charlie sighed. "Fine...fine..FINE! We'll apparate home, but if I don't get muffins on this trip home, I'm blaming you!"

"That's fine with me." Anora replied. "Now the question is where are we going first? My house or your house?"

"Your house. I think Iggy would like that too."

"Are you ready to face Father Forney?" Anora asked him.

"As long as you handle your mother."


"Do Magnus and Sebastian know we're leaving now?"

"Yup, I spoke with them at Magnus' place."

"Sebastian was at Magnus' home?"

"Yeah....I still don't know what's going on between them, but I'm almost too afraid to ask. For all I know they're wizard chess buddies."

"They play a lot of wizard chess then." Charlie chuckled.

Thank you Ashley for your drawing of Norbie!

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Thank you Ashley for your drawing of Norbie!

TheMiniBacca drew Anora and it came out lovely!

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TheMiniBacca drew Anora and it came out lovely!

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