Chapter 5

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Sara ran up to Kate's house from the diner. Thank the goddess that the Alpha decided to keep them within the eyes of the town so that they could be seen and approached at any moment.

Her knuckles rapped the door three times. She pulled the shawl around her shoulders. More for comfort than to ward off the chill.

Lindsey answered the door smiling with a wooden spoon in a bowl of dough mixture.

"Sara." Lindsey greeted looking up and down the street. "What brings you here?"

They always seem Sara at the diner. This is the first time that she has been to their house.

"We are under attack." She stated calmly walking into the warm house. "I've been told to come and get you to bring you to the community centre."

Lindsey eyebrows meshed together. She placed the bowl on a small coffee table as she entered the living area.

"Under attack?" She looked over at a confused Kate who was watching Kung Fu Panda on the Television with Lucy. She folded her arms. "What do you mean? Can you not call the law enforcement."

Sara cleared her throat, thinking of ways to tell them a lie that they would believe but still keep the pack secrets.

"We are a small town. And we have been notified that there are bikers on their way. To ensure that everyone is safe till the enforcers can get here or get them out of our territory it is best that everyone remains together." Sara grinned at the ladies proud of herself that she managed to expand on what the Alpha said but still keep the secret.

Kate stood up holding her belly. "Lucy run upstairs and get your travel bag. Lindsey do the same for me."

Lindsey nodded running up the stairs with her daughter. Since they got her. They agreed to keep one bag each packed with the essentials just in case Johnny finds them so that they would be able to have a quick getaway.

For it Johnny finds them. Their life would not be worth living.

Sara helped Kate put on her coat. Her stomach was getting bigger everyday now. The baby is soon to be coming.

Lindsey handed Sara Kate's bag as she ran into the kitchen to make sure the cooker was off. Then they followed Sara to the community hall which was a short distance away.

Lucy stopped in mid walk a couple of steps from the building pointing out into the surrounding woods.

"Mummy." She tugged at Lindsey pants legs. "Look. There's a wolf. He is coming for me."

Lindsey picked up her frightened daughter holding her tightly in her arms. She squinted her eyes but couldn't make anything out in the distance.

"Nothing is there baby." Lindsey placed a soft kissed on her forehead.

"He is there!" She shouted.

Sara looked over at them, seeing what the child saw. He was a protector of the pack. He shouldn't be this close to the building.

She discreetly waved him off. He looked intensely at the child then wondered back off to his position.

She saw Lucy visibly relax. "There are many things in the woods. Best we get inside quickly. It is pretty dark now."

Sara held the door open for the women to go through. They walked past the reception area to the main hall that was almost filled with pack members.

The room went silent at their entry. Nearly everyone eyes were trained in the new comers. The pack knew about the women, but kept a safe distance as they were not apart of the pack.

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