Chapter 2

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I found out that Levy has a crush on a boy called Gajeel with piercings all over his face, she is a big bookworm and she is a straight-A student.   As we walked into the Cafeteria I grabbed a lunch tray and sat with Levy we talked for a while until a few other girls came and joined us.

"Levy who is this friend of yours?" a girl with red hair and she was drop-dead gorgeous.

"Guys meet Lucy, Lucy meet Erza the one with red hair, Juvia the one with blue hair and Lisanna is the one with short white hair." Levy said as she introduced me to all of her friends.

"Is your sister Mirajane ?" I asked Lisanna.

"uh yes she is "

"Juvia is so glad to meet you Lucy-chan" Juvia said as she shook my hand.

" Hello Lucy my name is Erza and I am the president of the Student council. I hope you like fairy tail and have a wonderful stay." Erza said then bowed.

Erza seems so formal.

As we all sat together we talked a bit about each other's crushes, family and hobbies/interests. I learned that Lisanna has a crush on a guy named Bixslow, Erza has a crush on a guy named Jellal, Jellal was the guy with azure hair and has a red ratio over his eye, and she loves fighting, Juvia is obsessed with a guy named Gray snd she loves swimming.

When we started talking about family, to tell the truth, it was a very touchy subject for me. Lisanna told us that she has a sister Mirajane and a brother named Elfman. When it was my turn i just said that my mother died and my father basically hates me.

"Oh my, that must very hard for you I am so sorry Lucy-chan" Levy then embraced me in a bone-crushing hug

"Can't breath" I said.

"Sorry I just get very emotional." Levy said as she wiped a tear off her face.

" Its okay Levy I don't want you to feel bad over my problems." I said because I really don't like my friends getting sad over my problems.


" Come on girls its time to get to class." Erza quickly shooed us all to our classes and out of the cafeteria.

"Bye Levy see you after school." I waved goodbye to all of my new friends.

As I head to my class the halls are almost basically empty and I am the only one left. As I read my schedule my next class is in room 3-A  and because I don't know where that is I just wandered the whole shool until I finally found a room with a large label reading 3-A. As I knocked on the door a small man I am guessing's name is Gildarts because of the badge on his shirt.

"Good afternoon class as you can see we have a new student and her name is......" Gildarts then used his hand and gestured for me to say my name.

It took me a moment to process what was going on.

"Uh L-Lucy Heartfillia" 

" Okay Lucy please sit beside Mr.Dragneel. Mr. Dragneel please raise your hand."

As I looked around the room I saw a guy with pink spiky hair raise his hand and to be honest, he looks kind've cute, wait what am i thinking.

When l looked at him he just glared at me with his onyx eyes, gihi whats his problem.

Gildarts then announced that the partners you were sitting beside will be your permanent partners for the year.

WHAT!? This is going to be a long year.

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