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Corey J.

No words can express how livid and furious i am right now, seriously. Single? Of all things, he chose to say that he was fucking single? As if its not hard enough to show affection at school, but to show zero now?

"Coco" he stopped me in the hallway "look, im sorry okay?" He pleaded.

"HOW?!" I shouted, Kyle looked around and the cost was clear. "How could you? You know what this means now?-"

"It slipped! What was I supposed to say anyway? Oh yea, i have a boyfriend?-"

"Or say it's complicated Ky! Not your single and ready to fuckin' mingle"

"What you want me to do? It's already done, and I apologized"

"Oh great, your apology fixes everything. It even makes me feel like im not losing you now-"

"You can cut the sarcasm, i know it wasnt the best thing to do Coco and im truly sorry it just-"

"Yea, i know. Slipped" i shook my head walking away.

Kyle M.

As Corey walked off, I headed to my next class. I knew I had fucked up and wasn't sure how to fix it. I mean maybe I could go back and tell Darla that I'm not single, that I do have someone, but then that'll make me look crazy.

I don't know, maybe I should just skip the party and do my project like I originally intended. I breezed through my next class and headed to gym without seeing Corey, which rarely ever happens, he must be really mad not to meet me in between classes. I kinda deserve it though, I probably really hurt him.

I head into the locker room, changing into my gym clothes. Today was weight  lifting and coach made us team up with a partner to spot us.

Kurtis immediately volunteered to be mine. I just knew that wasn't nothing good.

"What's up partner." He says as he smacks me on the ass, while we were walking to the weight room.

I push him, "Stop playing man, you go have people talking."

He pauses, "About what."

I stop and stare at him. "Nothing", then continue to walk.

"So who your girl? She go here?" He ask as I lay back to prepare to lift.

"Who says it's a girl." I reply with a smile.

"Word!?" He says covering his mouth with his fist. Moments later I feel something hard tapping the top of my head. Kurtis is rock hard, I'm assuming from that little statement I said. "So it's a boy?" He asked gripping what looks and felt to be a hearty piece if meat.

"I'm just playing with you bro. I'm seeing someone but it's nothing serious I'll probably fly solo this weekend."

"That's even better." He says.

"Oh yeah? Why is that?" I ask him as we switch positions and I take my turn to spot him. He takes off his shirt before laying down to lift the weights, his abs flexing like crazy, Soon he was the one feeling my meat tap on the top of his head.

"You like what you see?" He asked.

I laughed, "I see you man." I replied shaking my head. I seen that the attention was causing a tent in his pants as he lifted the weights, but I didn't want others to see and get the wrong idea so I told him let's switch again.

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