Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 

The next day, I was excited to be going to Hogwarts once again. This is my third year, so now, with Uncle Moony's permission, I can go to Hogsmeade! I'm so excited! That morning I was more anxious than usual. I guess I just really wanted to hurry and go to Kings Cross because I haven't seen or talked to Harry for a whole month. I wonder what happened. I'll just ask him when I see him at Kings Cross. I got more worried about Harry when we got there and found that there were no signs of Harry, or Ron for that matter. "Hey, where are Ron and Harry?" I asked the twins on the train in our compartment.

"What? They were supposed to come through the barrier after Mum and Ginny." George said thoughtfully.

"You don't think they were late, do you?" Fred asked.

"They couldn't have, when we got here we had at least five minutes to get our things on the train and to find a compartment." I frowned.

"Well, I'm sure they're fine." Fred said noticing my frown. I sighed and nodded, still worried about them.

"I bet they'll take the car." George said grinning.

"Yeah and Mum would definitely be furious with them... well with Ron anyways." Fred said grinning too. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh yeah, we saved Harry from your aunt and uncle because they put bars on his window and locked him in his room." They said. I gasped and glared. I knew something was wrong! I'll have to tell Uncle Moony about this! When I get to the school, I'm going to write him a letter!

"They are so going to get some Dungbombs in the future and Dudley just might end up going home with-"

"Hey guys." Lee greeted as he walked into the compartment and grinned. The twins laughed. "What?"

"You just cut Lizzie off in the middle of a threat she was making towards her aunt, uncle, and cousin." George said grinning.

"Oh, sorry about that, please continue." Lee said grinning. I rolled my eyes.

"I don't feel like it." I said crossing my arms.

"Aw..." The three of them said making me roll my eyes again. I'm angry with my aunt, uncle, and Dudley about what they did to Harry. They're going to pay dearly for it. Fred and George looked at each other anxiously. I heard Fred muttering, "Maybe we shouldn't have told her that." Harry would've told me anyways. The rest of the ride to Hogwarts I was muttering all the things I would do to my aunt, uncle, and cousin the next time I see them. The three boys all just stared wide-eyed at me the whole time but I paid no attention to them. Once we were at the school and in the Great Hall, I had stopped my muttering and settled for frowning and glaring at my empty plate. I didn't relax until after Harry and Ron showed up in their muggle clothes when it was time for dessert. By the time I got back to the Gryffindor common room, I was back to my hyper, bubbly self and Fred and George seemed to be relieved by that. Well, sort of, I'm still going to write Uncle Moony about this.

Someone seemed to have told Harry about how worried I was about him and how angry at our aunt, uncle, and cousin because he came up to me and hugged me. I smiled and hugged him back. "I'm sorry." He said sheepishly. I grinned.

"It's okay. Just don't miss the train next time okay?"


"Oh and I am going to using Dungbombs on our aunt, uncle, and cousin in the future." He grinned.

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