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Felix's POV

"So..." I say in attempt to break the awkwardness of the situation.

She sticks her hand out and I grab it. "Let me properly introduce myself, I'm (Y/N)."

I chuckle, "And I'm Felix."

I grab her few bags and start heading up the stairs to my - our - room.

"So... What exactly happened? Please tell me, I promise not to go insane on anyone." I say, hopefully. Worst comes to worst I can always ask Jack, but, it'd be better to hear it from her point of view.

"Well," She sighs, "Mark, Jack, and I were going to play a small game to get to know eachother, but seeing as I'm a huge fan of both of them, I knew a lot already. When Mark started to say his full name I kind of said it for him... And then I said Jack's too. And so after that, Mark pulled Jack into another room, so I'm not sure what they said before he screamed about how I could be a danger to both of them."


Your POV

I feel so bad telling Felix all this stuff, but, I know he wouldn't stop badgering me until I told him.

Besides, maybe he can help sort things out.

"Felix..?" I say shyly.

He looks up, as a sign for me to go on.

"Vidcon is in two days." I look down, "What am I gonna do? What if no one comes to me?" I look up, "WHAT IF IM ALL ALONE?!"

Looking up at me with slight amusement, he laughs. "(Y/N), calm down. I promise you that a few people, at least, will show up for you."

I nod and lay down, "Goodnight, Felix."



Sean's POV

I run my fingers through my hair, "Mark..?"

He looks up at me. I know he feels bad about what he said, but he treats me like a little brother. Sometimes he's overprotective...

"What if she likes Felix..?" I say, sighing.

"Jack, dude, you're still with Signe. Even if she did by chance like you, you have a girlfriend. Don't you dare cheat on her either. I know how that feels and if you do that to anyone, you're not going to be my friend anymore, you hear?"

I nod, "Night."


Your POV

I wake up and stretch my arms out, yawning loudly. From the other end of the room I hear a laugh.

Scared, I immediately dart my head over to the voice. "Oh," Relief fills my body, "hello, Felix."

He waves, "Get dressed."

I tilt my head in confusion, "Why..?"

He puts on his highest voice, "GET IN LOSER, WE'RE GOING SHOPPING."

I giggle for the first time since yesterday, and go to the bathroom to get ready. Maybe today won't be so bad...

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