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*Chapter 1*

"Baby Wake up its time for school!" Yells my mom from up stairs.

I walk slowly downstairs taking my time , I hate getting up in the morning , and my mom knows it.

"Damn , you don't have all the time in the world you have to catch the bus , so you best hurry up"says my mom getting annoyed.

I don't say anything as I pick at my food .

"Lil girl if you don't hurry up with that food ! You gonna be late for the 1st day!"

I gulped my breakfast down , and run upstairs to brush my teeth and take a long warm shower.

I wrapped the towel around , and slowly walked into the room to pick my clothes.

Then I plugged the blow drier in , and began the whole process of my hair.

After I was satisfied with my look , I grabbed my phone , and book bag .

I headed out the door, my mom rolled her eyes.

"'Bout time "

I just kissed her cheek , and began walking to the bus stop.

I hate riding on the bus because of the perverted boys , who swear they can spit game.

I make the bus just in time. I walk on and grab a seat in the back . Everyone kept starring at me , but I knew its because I'm new around here .

I was in my own world when someone brushed my shoulder , startled I looked to the now occupied seat . There sat a cute boy , he had long dreads , and smooth brown skin and along with that a perfect white smile .

He smiled:"I see you new around here?"

"Yeah " I said keeping it short. This boy was cute , but just wasn't my type . He was a thug .Thugs either have a ghetto baby mama/side hoe or have the FEDS on their ass.

"What school you going to ma?"

"None your Business High School "

I hear a couple of laughter's coming from a group of boys.

I put my headphones on and listened to 'Kelly - Kisses Down low'

Right about now (yeah)

You put in over time, over night, doing everything I like, go so right yeah

You hold me close, squeeze me tight, look me deep inside my eyes, baby you know I love it

But nothing can compare to when you kiss me there

And I can't lie when I lie in your arms baby I feel so sexy

So boy just take your time, send chills down my spine

You're one of a kind, I swear I gotta make you mine

Boy you turn me on, got me feeling hot

Now I'm really going

I like, I like, I like my kisses down low

Makes me arch my back

When you give it to me slow

Baby just lik-

Someone pulls my headphones off. I turn slowly toward the same boy annoying me earlier. He smirked at me . It took all in me not to slap him to tomorrow.

"Whats your name, Angel?" He says smirking at me still holding my other earbud. I snatched my earbuds out his hand , then scoot to the next 3 seats .

"My name is Jamal .. if you wanted to know." He said too sweetly.

I seen his boy looking at us , and I knew exactly what this was.

"My name is Kiarra , i just moved here" I said .

"Whats your number ma , we could chill sometimes." He said so straightforward.

"77040699126" I said smiling sweetly.

He smirked at his boys .

He walked over to them.

"That's how you get a girl my niggas , see I'm bout that life that y'all ain't bout" He said smirking.

I rolled my eyes little did he know that was a wrong number.

He called the number and put it on speaker.


I burst out laughing , and his boys did too.

"That's how you get played my nigga."I said

He was clearly pissed and I was enjoying every minute of it.


I make it to my stop . I jump out my seat and grab my book bag , and walk off the bus .

"Aye,Ma!" I hear someone yell from behind me .

I turn around to see the boy from the bus stop , with a group of guys . I rolled my eyes , and keep walking . He was trying to impress the crew.


I hope this ain't like my old school, Fake bitches, annoying teaches , ratchet hoes , unnecessary drama & annoying ass people & don't forget fake thugs.

I walked into the large blue building. On either side of the halls there was huge blue lockers. The walls were white . You heard chatter an excitement , everywhere , people greeting people . This was a huge school . I thought to myself , as I seen kids coming by the minute. I walked around the building trying to find the principals office. I searched and searched until I finally gave up.


At the sound of my name, I looked up to see Jasmine .I jumped up and hugged her.Me and Jasmine go way back , We were best friends , when I used to live in Atlanta. My mom and dad had 'problems' so I had to live with my aunt in New York . My mom decided she wanted to come home to Atlanta again , I don't remember everybody , but Jasmine Ill always remember her. Jasmine is tall and beautiful with brown smooth skin , and dimples so deep , with pretty brown eyes.

"I'm so happy your back , its been F O R E V E R!"
She said spacing the word 'forever'

"I know but I'm staying here ... for good I hope"

"Me too , I really missed my sister.We need to catch up." she said.

"Yes , we do and you know where the principals office is ?" I said hoping for an answer.

"Yea , come on" she said.

I followed her , until finally we stopped at a door that read 'PRINCIPALS OFFICE' I felt kind of stupid for not seeing the huge sign , but oh well.

Me and Jasmine walked into the office . There standing was a tall white women with her hair in a bun , wearing a long skirt , and a long blouse , with a sweater.

"Hello, Mrs...?" She said towards me.

"Asia .. Asia Carter" I said to her as she gestured for me to have a sit.

I took a sit and looked up at her. She put her glasses on and rummaged through a stack of papers.Until she found what she was looking for.

"Ah , well welcome Asia Carter , and I hope you find Central High a very good school. I hope you have a great first day." She smiled at me.

"Thank you." I say as I begin getting up.

"If you need someone to help you get around the school and directions , I can assign you someone."

"I'm already on that , Mrs.Peters-burg " Jasmine said from behind the door.

Mrs.Peters-burg chuckled , then waved goodbye to me.


Me and Jasmine walk through the halls until we made it to the classroom . I braced myself , then slowly opened the door.As soon as I opened the door every ones head snapped towards me and Jasmine. I looked around the room , to see there was 2 seats in the back of the room . The teacher turned towards me before I could sneak to the back of the classroom.

"Class we have a new student! Her name is Asia tashanee Cater."

I cleared my throat."Its Asia Tasanee Carter " I hated when people messed up my simple ass name.

Me and Jasmine walked to the back of the room, I sat down . I saw the boy from the bus stop and rolled my eyes. All eyes were on me , and I could tell. I caught this girl looking at me , she was really dark with a pretty smile , and pretty black eyes , she flashed me the fakest smile in the world. I turned around already knowing she was gonna be a problem.

In walk this super tall , cute boy he had a dark complexion with a beautiful smile , and drop dead gorgeous eyes , he had dimples out of this world He had wavy black hair. He favored Tre Melvin . He walked and sat next to me . I could tell he was a thug. By the way he walked and talked , and had that'i don't give a fuck' expression . He flashed me a smile and a wink I rolled my eyes and turned around Is there only thugs up in here. I thought to myself.



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