Chapter Fifteen

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Annabeth let go of Percy's hand the minute she was sure he was unconscious. She sprinted to the Apollo cabin and threw open the door.

"Will!" She screamed loudly. A second later she was being dragged out of the cabin and towards the infirmary, a blonde boy in the lead.

"What happened?" Will asked.
"We were talking to Reyna, Tyson, and Nico. He started breathing heavy. They left and he screamed in pain. Then he couldn't breath at all so I put the air mask on him. Then he passed out," she sighed.
"The remnants of the poison spread," he said immediately.
"How can you be so sure, you haven't even seen him yet?" Annabeth asked critically.
"Child of Apollo here." Annabeth rolled her eyes.

They reached the Big House and Will became a whirl wind again. He took out needles, medicine, nectar, etc. Annabeth kept her distance.

After about a half an hour, he slumped down into a chair and Annabeth took her normal seat. She grabbed Percy's hand and rubbed circles into it subconsciously.

"I was right. It looks like the poison remains spread. But it shouldn't have caused him that much pain. What exactly happened when they were here?"
"Is he going to be alright?" Annabeth asked him.
"He'll be in some pain when he wakes up but it will fade. I can't do anything else right now. So, what exactly happened?" He asked again.

Annabeth sighed once more as she proceeded to tell him the events of the day in detail. When she got to the part about Tyson hugging Percy, Will interrupted her. "That's it," he said, "he was extremely excited about seeing his friends and overworked himself. He screamed a couple of times. Then a cyclops hugged him, it set him off."
"That makes sense," Annabeth agreed.
"It does?" Will said, "Usually people don't understand even the simplest explanations I give them. Or need more information."
"Hello, Child of Athena here. Oh and, let's not tell Tyson about this. He'll be sobbing for a week. And I'm not so sure I can deal with that right now."

Will nodded in agreement. "I'll just stay here for now, just in case anything happens."

The two made small talk but soon fell into a comfortable silence. Annabeth looked at Percy's face. He looked almost peaceful. Well, she thought, that's new.

Just as the words formed in her head, his face contorted into a familiar expression. Pain and fear. Spoke too soon.

"He's having a nightmare," Annabeth told Will, "be prepared when he wakes up."

After another five minutes, Percy's eyes shot open. He inhaled deeply in his mask and his eyes were wide with alarm, darting around the room.

"Hey," Annabeth said, "hey it's alright. Shhhh, it's alright now." Their eyes locked and Percy's reduced in size. But they became larger a moment later as pain swirled within the sea green.

He shut them tightly and his mouth opened in a silent scream. Of course, he couldn't actually scream because the mask wouldn't allow it.

Will jumped to his feet and got to work. He grabbed a needle but the second it touched Percy's skin, the sink in the bathroom (that was connected to his room) exploded.

Percy's eyebrows scrunched together and his lip quivered as Annabeth whispered calming words in his ear. Will quickly snatched the fallen needle, only to replace it with another one, filled with a different substance.

Another water pipe exploded and Annabeth was dripping wet. Will hastily plunged the needle into Percy arm and pressed it down, emptying the medicine into is system.

Annabeth watched closely as her boyfriend's eyelids open and his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

A/N I know he's not strong enough to use his powers but this was involuntarily and caused by adrenaline due to pain. Just go with it please. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own any PJO or HoO characters/places.

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