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©Copyright 2015-Present by A.K. Halterman. All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction on whole or in parts in any form. I own this story and all its characters. Any copying/redistributing/writing is prohibited by law and will be punished in a court of law unless you receive consent from the author.

What to provide when requesting*

•What type of request (i.e boyxboy)


•General Setting/Plot:

•Ages of characters:

•Anything else:

*You may also just request a general setting but it's advised to provide the above.

If you don't want your name mentioned in the one shot tell me otherwise I will tag you and/or dedicate the one shot to you.

Requests I will not do:

•Characters from movies/TV/anime/books/shows*

•I will not do something if you use yaoi/anime terms because I won't know what you're talking about. Please do not use yaoi terms, please.

•I won't do something with ridiculously large age gaps (twenty years is the most I'll do) and the characters must be over the age of 14.

I no longer take requests for mature content. Period.

*However you can ask me if I know the book/show/ect and I may know it and accept the request. Also I WILL do requests concerning my other works; for example someone could request a scene between two characters of any of my books.

Ah so that's all, you may request something through PM or just comment on this story, it would be better to PM me though as I'll see it sooner. If you don't want me to mention your name in the book, please tell me not to include your username.

That's all and I hope you all enjoy.

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