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"Come on now, kid. Give it a break. You know you can't beat me."

Frisk stares ahead towards Sans with the knife in her hand. Chara, currently transparent, was behind her, holding her shoulder. "Hit him, Frisk! Hit him, now-"


The knife fell to the floor, and Frisk held her hand over the MERCY button as she looked at Sans. "We've fought for too long. I don't want to fight anymore.." She sighs and looks to Chara, who didn't seem very happy about the situation. Frisk looks back to Sans. She frowned. "I'm sorry that I killed your brother. I'm sorry that I killed Undyne and Toriel. But I want to stop. I don't want LOVE."

"What're you..."

She touches the button, and two options appear; SAVE and RESET.

"What?.." Chara watches the other closely as Frisk smiles. "Frisk, what the hell are you doing?!"

She turned to look at Chara again as her hand rested upon the RESET button. She gives a saddened smile, taking a couple steps toward Chara, taking her hands and holding them. "We can make this right. No one has to die, Chara. Trust me on this."

Chara looks at their hands and to Frisk, frowning. "But Frisk-"

"No buts," Frisk says, pulling her to the button. "Fighting won't solve anything. Neither does killing anyone. It would only leave heartbreak and sorrow." Chara's expression softens, thinking back to when she first met Asriel, and how she died and Asriel absorbed her soul so he could take them to her village on the surface. How she was the reason why her brother is no longer with her. Frisk notices this and squeezes her hands a bit. "You know that, don't you?"

Chara's voice was shaky as she responded. "Y-yeah.." Frisk took this chance to rest both of their hands on the RESET button. Chara looked to the button as Frisk smiled at her. "I hope you're right about this, Frisk." She says as she calms down. Frisk giggles happily and presses the button. She then hugs the other.

With a nuzzle, Frisk looks to Chara once more and pats her head. "Don't worry. We'll make it better this run. I'll even help you."

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