Chapter 1

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★★Love is that bound you to the one you loved. It didn't let you go to anyone else.★★

Ayesha's POV.
Looking up at the sky,my eyes ran behind the running clouds who were touching the moon who was as stood as I was in my life. Air,clouds and night were passing second by second but that moon was standing alone like me. Two tears left my eyes as I saw his smiling face which appeared in the moon.

"You forgot me right?" I whispered looking at the moon.

A clod air touched me and shiver ran in my body. I looked around. The curtains of my room were moving because of the cold wind. There was all darkness in my room. I slowly walked toward my bed and opened the drawer but before I could take something out my room's door opened. I turned and saw my mama was standing there. I closed the drawer and waited for her to come to me.

"Ayesha you didn't sleep yet." Mama said while sitting next to me. She turned on the lamp and looked at me.

"I was not feeling sleepy. I'm not feeling good." I said sadly.

"Hey its okay. Come here." My mama said and I put my head in her lap while she start running her fingers in my hair.

"What are you thinking Ayeshi? Is something bothering you?" Mama asked and I closed my eyes.

A face flashed on the curtain of my eyes, smilingly and a tear slipped down on my cheek.

"Hey what happened bacha?." Mama asked worriedly.

I wiped that tear away and sat up. I tried to smile and fade her tension away.

"Nothing just.." I said and hugged mama tightly.

"Its okay. I think you should take a leave from hospital tomorrow and take some rest." Mama said and I nodded.

"Now sleep. And as I told you some boy's family is coming to see you tomorrow, so be prepared." Mama said happily and I nodded.

She kissed my forehead, turned off the lamp and went out of the room. I lay down on my bed defeated. I closed my eyes and tears start forming into my eyes. Again that image appeared on the curtains of my eyes. Some voice was drumming in my ear.

"Stop go away." I almost yelled while crying.

I sat up and covered my face. I was crying badly. I tried to control my hiccups but all in vain. I opened the drawer and turned on the lamp. I slightly took out that photo frame and placed it in front of my eyes.

Everything was same. My heart beat increased as I saw that pic. I was looking deeply and without blinking at the photo I was holding. Tears were forming and rolling down on my cheeks. I didn't care to wipe them.

"Come back now." I said still crying.

"Come back Haadi." I said and looked at his smiling face.

I was caressing his picture with my hand. His eyes,his nose,his smile everything was perfect and enough to pull someone's heart.

"Its been 12 years now. Come back. Come back before I die." I was saying and then I placed my lips on his picture and kissed him slightly.

"I'm waiting for you Haadi." I said and hugged his picture and lay down in my bed and closed my eyes.

Next Day...

I got up and looked around. I looked at my hands. I was still holding his picture in my hand. A tear escaped from my eye.

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