What'd You Say?

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Chapter 11

"Hey beautiful." Lucas whispered, stroking her hair.

"Hi." Her eyes opened slowly, then immediately widened realizing who was here. "Oh my God! Did we?"

"No, I just stayed over. Which is why I have to get back before everyone wakes up." His lips touched her forehead. "Riley, please let us in. We're going to come knocking on that door later and i'd really appreciate it if you opened it." She nodded. "I'll see you later, okay?"

"Okay." The dancer hated that he was leaving, she'd actually slept, only for 5 hours but the fact she did sleep was pretty phenomenal. "I'm sorry I made you stay."

"You didn't. You didn't want me to, I kept bugging you." The brunette smiled lightly. The jade eyed man kissed her head again and watched her slowly fall back asleep. He stood at the door with his fingertips on the handle. "I love you." He whispered and closed the door.

"I love you too."


"Lucas, how do you know she's going to open the door this time? I'm getting extremely discouraged." The blonde whispered.

Josh coughed. "It never hurts to try. She's my niece and your best friend. She went through a rough patch in her life, well more than a patch. More like a ditch, she needs help getting out."

"Yeah, Josh is right Maya. Besides, I have a feeling that today will be different." Her blue eyes glared and moved to knock on the door.

"COME IN!" Maya's eyes widened and she flung the door open to run into her best friends arms. "Hi peaches." The blonde jumped and wrapped her legs around Riley, both men were surprised that she could hold up the blue eyed girl.

"Ew, your sweaty." Maya hopped down and Riley hugged the other important people in her life. "Are you okay? You had us worried." Her brown eyes traced the floor.

"I um, i'm okay. I'm sorry I keep shutting y'all out."

"Y'all?" Lucas questioned.

"I need to quit hanging around you." She smiled at the quarterback. "Anyways, instead of pushing those away who want to help, i'm going to try and rely on those people. And, i'm really sorry." The dancer stood on the sides of her feet, clearly nervous. "I love you guys, and next time I try to hide away in my cave, slap me."

"If we can get to you." Josh divulged.

Riley laughed and turned to the one man who always knew how to reach her. "I think Lucas could get you into my cave if he wanted." Everyone smiled and gave her a group hug. "Now, he invited you both over, so I don't know what this is about. If you guys want to converse while I practice, be my guest." The dancer turned on her heels and faced the mirror.

"Wait, I thought you said Hillary was going to revamp your routine?"

"She did. She sent me the video this morning." The brunette pointed to her laptop. "Hillary lives and breathes dance almost as much as I do." Riley wanted to brag on herself a bit. "Oh, one thing I did forget to tell you. I did 11 alesecondes." The blonde jumped up and down and hugged her again.

"Seriously, you're gross." The blue eyed girl admitted, Lucas found her positively attractive. He was terrified what was going to happen when he went home tonight but was at peace with the fact this is what he wanted to do, and had to do while his father was in town.

Riley started practicing while her friends conversed in the corner of her sanctuary. "This dance is supposed to be about Auggie. So I did a little research." Maya's eyes glared, still confused. "Maya can you draw a portrait of Auggie and like blow it up, really big? Where the audience can see it?"

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