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Dear Reader,

This book was chosen to be part of Wattpad's Paid Stories program.

The program is a way for Wattpad to spotlight quality content while also compensating writers for their work. This means that after a certain point in the story, you will face a paywall and will need to buy coins to unlock the latter chapters. I hope you will choose to do so.

This book is very close to my heart, so I'd like to reveal a few things before I answer some questions you surely have. 

There are three things that greatly influenced the story. First, if it had a theme song, Johann Pachelbel's late-17th Century Baroque composition Canon would be it. YouTube is full of different versions by numerous artists. I would highly encourage you to check them out.

The second inspiration was a letter written by the famous composer Ludwig von Beethoven in 1812 to an unknown woman. The words (which you can find at the beginning of the first chapter) are absolutely beautiful and both they, as well as the unofficial name scholars gave to them - the Immortal Beloved Letters - play a part in this story. 

The third and final influence was the Greek myth of the Lethe River because the themes of death and forgetting tie strongly to this story. Even the title of the book is related: an 1812 painting by John Martin featuring the Lethe is called Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion.

Being part of the Wattpad family for the past six years has given me some unbelievable opportunities. My short story "Between Earth and Sky" was published in 2016 along with nine other amazing fairy tale retellings in the Gallery Books/S&S anthology ONCE UPON NOW. Some of you may have seen copies of it in your local Target or Barnes & Noble bookstores with the powder blue stiletto on the cover. Thanks to Wattpad, Pocket Books/S&S let me pitch them a contemporary romance called THE LAST RESORT that they published as an e-book in 2017. And through the Wattpad Powered by Hachette partnership, my pirate adventure PLUNDER was published as an audiobook in 2018. As a member of the Stars Program, I have written commissioned short stories for several Wattpad promotional campaigns including the CRIMSON PEAK and THE GALLOWS movies, and Hulu's THE HANDMAID'S TALE TV show. I've also been a panelist at two WattCons (London & NYC). So when the Wattpad team invited me to enter this story into the Paid Stories program, of course I agreed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know that I want to spend money on this particular story?

This book is finished at about 130,000 words. The paywall comes about 15% into the story, which means that you get to read 20,000 words or the equivalent of 80 printed paperback pages for free. That should be enough for you to decide whether you are interested enough in the story to continue. I hope you will be.

What if I can't afford coins?

This is understandable. Almost every author in the program has additional stories on their profile that do not require payment, which you can read instead. If you love those stories, please tell your friends. We appreciate all types of support and word-of-mouth promotion is just as good.

On my profile, you can choose from the following, completed novel-length stories that are not part of the Paid Stories program and remain completely free:

Plunder (Book 1 in The Pirate King Series) - historical adventure

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Pit Lane Persephone - NA contemporary sports romance

The Keepers - Gothic horror

Why should Wattpad authors get paid? I thought this site was free.

There are millions of great stories on Wattpad that are free and will remain that way. Wattpad created the Paid Stories program based on reader request to have a way for people like you to support their favorite authors who are either writing full-time and need to make a living, or who are writing part-time and are making sacrifices in their own lives (sleep, what sleep?) to update you with great content.

Thank you again for considering my story. And now, on with the show!

 And now, on with the show!

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