Chapter 9

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I was abruptly woken by a loud banging on my bedroom door. “Charlotte!” Jayne chirped. “Time to go to the airport!”

I rolled out of bed and groaned. I had not had nearly enough sleep. The past week had been stressful to say the least and I had not been able to sleep at all. There were too many thoughts running through my mind.

Too many questions.

To save time I had laid my outfit out the night before. Not wanting to come across as too much of a loser, I had tried to tone down the band merch and clothing flamboyancy of my style on my part. Instead of ripped skinny jeans, I wore plain black ones. Instead of a hoodie, I wore a shirt. Nothing too drastic.

Pulling on pink converse to go with my attire and tone down the darkness of it all, I was ready rather quickly.

I quickly ran into the bathroom to do my hair and make-up. Not that I could really be bothered, and so I ended up just using mascara and nothing else. My hair was left as it was and I took my piercings and expanders out. As I said, I didn’t want them getting a preconceived idea about me.

I wanted them to like me and I wanted to make a good impression.

I looked so weird without my piercings and make face seemed almost bare. But I suppose I would get used to it.

The feeling of waking up early to go to the airport felt similar to that when I would wake up to go on holiday with my family. Now it was that I would be going to actually meet my family.

Needless to say I was extremely apprehensive. In my situation, who wouldn’t be? I still had no idea about the layout of my family or the members it consisted of. All I knew was that my grandmother was meeting me at the airport.

I didn’t even know which side of my family she belonged to, but luckily she had changed the flights so I could fly directly from Heathrow instead of diverting to France.

This was going to be the longest journey of my entire life. And I would have to be alone with my thoughts for God knows how long. And that wasn’t exactly healthy. I knew the kinds of thoughts that would plague me.

“Charlotte?” Jayne called up again. “Are you ready?”

I answered by exiting my room and emerging to the top of the landing. I looked over to see that she was waiting for me, shivering with the cold.

It then hit me that in about a half hour I would have already met my grandmother. What was worse was that I would have to spend three hours in an airport with her. Three very awkward hours.

I descended the stair case, and Jayne actually looked a little shocked at how I was dressed.

“So, are you trying to make a good impression or can you actually not be that bothered to even try?” she laughed.

“A bit of both” I responded flatly. It was bad enough that I was absolutely shattered by a lack of sleep, but the fact that I really disliked her made my tone even bitterer.

I reached the bottom of the stairs to see that my suitcase was already waiting for me there. I knew that Jayne had gone over to my old house, but I was yet to find out what had gone down. Undoubtedly I would hear from her in the car.

At least then it gave us something to talk about and we could avoid the awkward silences that I had grown to hate so much.

“Well are you ready?” she asked anxiously, almost as anxious as I was.

I nodded. “I think. But that doesn’t matter because I still have to go don’t i?”

She looked on at me as I snapped at her once more. I knew she didn’t like it or me and couldn’t wait to see me board the plane, taking my attitude with me.

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