Serena Senju

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Name: Serena Senju

Age: 12, and will go on throughout the story

DOB: October 10

Mom: Tsunade

Dad: Jiraiya

Godparents: Minato and Kushina

Godbrother: Naruto, but he doesn't know.

Appearance: Pale blonde hair reaching mid back, amber colored eyes with specks of gold, red streaks coming down her cheek just like Jiraiya, chest size is normal. Not too big or small. She's naturally beautiful. Her looks take after her mom. Picture on the right, but with amber colored eyes. Sorry she looks like she's bleeding from her eyes, but just imagine the streaks like Jiraiya's but not as long^^

Likes: the show Naruto!, chocolate cake, SAKE!, Icha Icha, her parents, jewellry,etc...

Dislikes: arrogance, hate, fangirls *shivers*, insulting her or the people she cares about, etc...

Personality: she's kind, smart, carefree, temper is just liker her mother: viscious, pervy due to her dad, has a 'killing mode' , can be a devil sometimes especially when it comes to her fights, and bipolar. :)

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