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Based on the Famous Chat Blanc comic. Sad Ending

"Ladybug?" Chat asked. He saw her yo-yo drop to the ground. He followed it to Ladybug. Then he sees her limp body. "H-Hey... Hey! Wake up!" He yells holding her close to his chest.

"Oh god. This is all my fault. No. No, no, no. Nononono..." He thinks to himself. "Open your eyes!" He yells shaking. "Please," he says crying.

"Look at what you've done." Hawkmoth says.

"Stay Away! Don't touch her!" Chat yells at the evil butterfly.

"I won't, but you will." Hawkmoth says smiling. The butterfly lands on Chat's bell. "Perfect. Now Chat Blanc... Bring me her mira-- !!! Hawkmoth gets caught off by a staff (baton, whatever) going through the window.

"Thank you, Hawkmoth. Now I can rip you to pieces." Chat says putting Ladybug down.

The battle was bloody. There were no survivors. When the police entered the abandoned warehouse, Gabriel Agreste laid in a pool of blood. A trail of led to two teenagers, holding each other closely. One teenager being Adrien Agreste and the other being his girlfriend, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, the best bakers in Paris's daughter.

The police searched the area for anything suspicious, they couldn't hear the small cries coming from a red insect kwami, a purple insect kwami, nor the black cat kwami. All the police wanted to know was, "Where were Chat Noir and Ladybug?"

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